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Lost Car Keys Replacement in M25 including North London, West London, Central London and East London

Tips For Looking After Your Car Doors and Bodywork

We are all guilty of spending hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds every year on maintenance and peace of mind protection programs to look after what’s under the car bonnet – from MOTs and insurance to extended warranty programs, car servicing, repairs and breakdown cover. And how is best to arrange for a replacement car key?

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The importance of a trusted car locksmith

Great news! According to recently published statistics from the Home Office, vehicle crime in the UK has dropped by 80 per cent since 1993 thanks to the increase in steering locks and electronic immobilisers. Given that there are now 8 million more cars on the road than there were 20 years ago, this is very encouraging.

On average, for every 1,000 vehicles on the road in this country, there are 10 break-ins and 3 thefts. It’s important you choose a credible car locksmith when you need replacement car keys to help prevent theft  and break-ins.

So what can you do to prevent your vehicle from being targeted?

  • Keep car keys out of sight in the house – thieves often steal car keys through letterboxes and open windows
  • Make sure you always lock your car – even if you are just unloading your shopping. A stolen, unlocked car, would void your insurance too
  • Keep all windows closed when not inside the car

Unfortunately, though, sometimes there is nothing you can do to avoid a car break-in or theft.

While experts suggest the decline in vehicle crime could have something to do with the growing popularity of anti-theft devices fitted by manufacturers – car thieves have evolved their tactics to the modern-day times. Gone are the days of a metal coat hanger doing the job.

Worryingly, though a new car hacking study showed thieves can disable immobilisers and drive off without a key in models from Volvo, VW, Audi and Fiat. Immobilisers used in 100 different models from the likes of Volvo, VW, Audi and Fiat – especially models that come with a starter button instead of a key – were found vulnerable to hacking by thieves with access to a computer. Apparently, the researchers were banned from publishing the report for two years by car manufacturers since the findings were so sensitive!

On the topic of advanced car technology, there has also recently been an increase in keyless car crime has hackers are now able to clone keys. According to a recent report

Most Difficult cars to hack

  1. 2014 Audi A8
  2. 2014 Honda Accord
  3. 2010 Range Rover Sport

Easiest cars to hack

  1. 2014 Jeep Cherokee
  2. 2014 Toyota Prius
  3. 2014 Infiniti Q50

The same article also provides new data showing BMW, Land Rover, Ford and Mercedes targeted car crime in London is on the rise – with gangs specifically targeting keyless entry systems on vans. More than 6,000 cars and vans were stolen in London using the technique last year according to the Met Police.

With cars more advanced now than they ever have been, and criminals seemingly wiser than they have ever been too, it is especially important to choose a trusted and reliable mechanic and car locksmith to look after your vehicle and the safety of you and your family.

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What’s on the Horizon for Car Tech Trends in 2016?

CES 2016 Car Technology Trends

Last year was hailed as ‘year of the car’ for technology at the world’s biggest technology and innovation show in Las Vegas – CES.

Yesterday, the three-day show kicked off once again and is touted to bring all manner of innovations into the horizon of our lives – most of which we will probably end up wondering how we lived without.


CES 2015 – The Year of the Car

Last year’s announcements and releases included major developments to in-car infotainment systems (including touchscreen intelligent tech from BWM and Mercedes) plus of course, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smart pieces of kit that allow users to connect smartphones with their vehicle.

While these technologies are not hugely commonplace, Audi, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Volkswagen all had vehicles on show running both systems, with a few of these carmakers claiming smartphone integration would be arriving before the end of 2015.

The other big topic was definitely autonomous-driving technology – that is, a car that drives itself. Audi showed off their A7 Piloted Driving Concept with a road trip from Palo Alto, CA, to the Las Vegas convention centre. The car drove on its own for more than 550 miles and could initiate lane changes and passes – there was a human in the driver seat (just in case)… but Audi have said they expect to start rolling this out in their vehicles before 2020.


Automotive Tech Trends for 2016

After last year’s success and major interest in cars, this year more than 115 automotive tech companies and nine automakers are debuting products at the show. Organisers say the focus includes the latest in driverless, electric, and energy-efficient vehicles.

Chevrolet will roll out its ‘Bolt’ all-electric vehicle at CES with an expected battery-only range of 200 miles. Volkswagen is expected to introduce an all-electric microbus.

Continuing the path made by Audi in 2015, Ford and Google have announced a collaboration on self-driving vehicles – Toyota also have some similar car tech, while U.S. carmaker Tesla already offers limited self-driving on its Model S and Model X electric vehicles that are available and on the road today.


Car Key Technology Trends

On the topic of car keys, one of the hottest automotive tech trends is a virtual car key system that will allow drivers to ditch their car keys and bulky key fobs and use a smartphone or smartwatch to unlock and start the vehicle. This particular technology will lend itself very well to the growing car-sharing and car club services – and is a great concept to use as back up when a person has lost car keys.

There are many concerns over security and reliability still though – smartphones are still one of the number one items eyed by thieves (car keys are on there too, ironically!)


Keep an eye on trends for auto tech in 2016 – cars have the space to hold some pretty impressive computing power on board, and opportunities are endless.