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Lost Car Keys Replacement in M25 including North London, West London, Central London and East London

Spare Car Keys

Not a lot of people know the importance of spare car keys. Only a small portion of used cars sold in the UK come with a spare key. And out of those car buyers, only a handful will go out of their way to contact a spare car keys London provider to get one. It makes a lot of sense to own a spare key. Below are some of the reasons why you should have at least a single spare car key.

Save on Expenses

When you get another key from a London spare car keys provider when you still have a working key will save you money. The auto locksmith will have less work to do by duplicating the car key for you. We don’t to remove and replace any locks, or gain entry to your car.

Be Worry-Free

Even if you are the only one using the car and replacement car keys will not be used, it will make sense to have them stored somewhere safe. You don’t have to worry about losing your car key somewhere because you have a backup option. Take, for instance, when you forget where you placed your key, and you are already running late for an appointment. You can use the space key and look for the missing one later.

Good Option for Two Drivers

If there are two or more people using the same car, having spare car keys is a must. Sharing a single key increases the risk of losing it. If each driver owns one, there is less chance of forgetting where the key is placed. It also saves time because you don’t need to wait for the other driver to pass over the key.

Saves Time

Losing key cars is a big hassle. You will run late trying to find the key and make you miss vital appointments. There are instances when you might not be able to use your vehicle for a week. While auto locksmiths can replace lost car keys within a day, there are major car dealers that need to order replacement car keys from overseas that will take as long as a week.


Spare car keys provide convenience and save you the hassle of towing the car to a garage or wait for an auto locksmith. If you have left your keys inside the car, you can open it with the spare key. This is a common occurrence during the winter months when motorist lock their keys inside the car while defrosting the windscreens.

Get Your Spare Car Keys

These are some of the reasons you should keep spare car keys. If you only have a single key for your car, you should get a spare car key today. Contact us today and find out how you can benefit from our London spare car keys services.