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I have an Old iveco . Didn't match anything but your tech persevered and manually cut me a new key . 4 hours of sweating and head scratching ( very impressed)
Mr Karl Hikins
I had ongoing issues with my ML350 intermittent starting. Came across these guys on the net. Called them at 3.30pm car fixed at 7pm. These guys are really professional and really do over achieve. Can't praise them enough. Carl
Excellent service and fast turnaround. Would definitely recommend!
The service could not be faulted and exceeded expectations. I would certainly use it again, but hopefully it won't be necessary! A very satisfied customer. The engineer could not have been more helpful or likeable.
Quick, efficient and polite. Excellent service, excellent results.🤗
Very good telephone service to log my call. Engineer was with me within 3 hours of calling and at the expected time. He was very polite and kept me informed of what he was doing. a New key was programmed and working within an hour
On time. Reasonable price. Fast service. Would recomend!
It’s a very efficient and quick service.
Jay Patel
Great prompt and friendly service.
Very good and fast service
Once driver turned up did not take long to initiate a new key. Very much appreciated and helpful.
Mr Abdirizak Abdikarim
Nice guy and quick thanks you guys
Mrs Fiona Scot Roberts
I lost my volvo keys and it seemed that the only way of replacing them was going to a Volvo dealership. Not only did I have to pay to get the car towed there since it was locked but they had to order the parts then install them and that meant waiting a week and spending around a £1000...Car key solutions offered me an appointment within hours and after an hour with a computer, they gave me two new keys which seem to work immaculately. Cost was £700. Pricey by way faster and cheaper than vovlvo
Time efficient service. Good and polite agent who explained everything very well. Very recommended!
Mr Andy Washington
Quick, efficient
Window wise trade ltd
Mr Tony Willis
Brilliant service. They drove across London to save me a long drive and reprogrammed my key on the spot. Will use this company again.
Mirage Adam
Amazing customer service, they kept me informed when driver was running 20 minutes late & got the job done in 20 minutes once he arrived. Phenomenal service! Thank you so much!
The person who sorted out my key was brilliant, best custoner service I have seen for a long time
Engineer turned up early - i was not home, but he happily waited until i got there without any fuss. Due to an issue with the car, he couldn't get the remote key to work which bothered him more than me! A good experience and reasonable price considering it is a mobile service.
RF Mummery Roofing Specialist
Fantastic service very quick and a very knowledgeable technician super service.
Excellent and polite technician. Thank you
Unique Locksmiths
Great service as always, we at UNIQUE LOCKSMITHS are extremely happy of our partnership and will carry on working together.
Heidi Evans
Very efficient and friendly. Would definitely recommend.
Terrence Hillyer
Very friendly and professional happy with our new keys good service
Sicily Food
good customers service at the phone and professional job about your guys , thank you very much indeed
Mr Falviu Morar
Professional and very efficient.
Marie Kelly
Arrived on time. Explained what they were going to do and how long it would take. Finished before the time stated and I have a working key. Excellent service
Thanks so much for turning a disaster into a triumph! Your speedy response and expertise in solving a tricky problem was incredible!Your engineer was reassuring and his technical expertise and manner quite exemplary!! Thanks again regards. PW Chesham.
Tony Baio
Professional Top
Thank you 🙏🏻 great service
Mr Tomas Adomaitis
Outstanding service. Friendly engineer. No mess no damage. Would 100% recommend!!!
fast efficient friendly
Ms Sonal Kaur
Good service
The Engineer I think His name is Chris was brilliant. Thank you
Dave Murkin
The technician Chris was very professional, polite and certainly knowledgeable. He turned up on time and produced a replacement key at the price quoted. Pricing was well below other key services. Thanks Chris and "Car Key Solutions"
Jean Reynolds
thank you Victoria for arranging a mechanic to come and fix my grandsons car ,only took half an hour to deal with it if we had done this by any other mans it would have taken well over a week to get another key for the one he lost . Can i also commend your mechanic who did a wonderful job
Fantastic service, I would highly recommend them!
Mr Ross
Very good and helpful, nothing too much of a problem
Lost two sets of car keys and was cheaper to use these guys than go through my insurance was very happy with their service, didn't have to wait long either.

Have you ever felt that panic that comes from losing your car key? When you’re in a rush or have somewhere to be it can be a nightmare to find that your car key is not where you left it or, even worse, find it broken. We know just how that feels, which is why we’re here to help. If your Land Rover car key needs repairing or you need a replacement Car Keys Solutions has the solution. Wherever you are and at whatever time, we can take our services straight to you and get a Land Rover car key replaced or repaired on the same day. Our trained technicians can get you back on the road quickly and efficiently and you’ll find that you’ll get excellent value for the great services we provide.

Which Land Rover Model Do You Own?

Our Land Rover car key replacement and repair services extend to a range of different Land Rover models. Our technician team have expert knowledge of Land Rovers and can easily replace and repair both manual and remote car keys for your Land Rover. If you’re worried about whether or not our services will cover your model of Land Rover, feel free to contact us any time and ask.

What Is There To Know About Land Rover Car Keys?

  • Land Rovers released after 1995 will have an immobiliser installed into the car and a transponder chip in the key that prevent any key other than yours from working in your Land Rover.
  • Land Rover car keys will only work if they are specifically programmed to your Land Rover’s immobiliser.
  • Second hand and unlicensed sellers are unreliable suppliers of Land Rover car keys. Most car keys that are purchased on auction websites do not work.
  • Due to the technology utilised in Land Rover car keys, ordering replacement car keys from a Land Rover dealer can be expensive and it may take up to 10 days to receive them. With Car Keys Solutions we have the latest and most advanced equipment that allows us to make new Land Rover car keys and program them to your car, and we can do it all in less than a day.
  • Second hand sellers of Land Rovers will often only give you one set of car keys when you purchase your car. Having two sets of keys for your Land Rover is a great benefit if you happen upon a car key emergency, which is why we recommend that you come to us for a spare car key when you can.

What Land Rover Car Key Services Do We Provide?

Lost Or Broken Ford Car Key Replacement

You don’t need to worry about getting a taxi to get a Land Rover car key. We can bring our equipment straight to you and repair or replace your Land Rover car key right then and there. Whereas ordering a replacement key from a dealer can be expensive and take a while to get to you, a replacement key from us can be made in less than a day and will cost you less.


Car Key Duplication

A duplicate car key is a necessity for anybody that’s sharing their car, and having a spare key is a great asset for any driver to have. If something were to happen to your car key it’s always handy to have a spare to keep you going and prevent a disaster. That’s why we recommend that you call us to get a duplicate key made. We can make one while you wait, or if you’re not in a rush you can visit us at our base in London and we’ll make one for you there.


Car Key Programming

You need to get your Land Rover car keys programmed if your model was manufactured after 1995. If your keys transponder needs reprogramming or you need to have a new key made, our technicians are experts at programming keys and will make sure that you leave with a Land Rover key that works in your Land Rover.


Car Opening

It doesn’t happen very often, but there are cases of people locking their keys in their cars. When that happens, it can be a very frustrating experience. You can see it, but you can’t get to it. Thankfully, we provide a car opening service for anyone that has had experienced this kind of misfortune. Our trained locksmiths can safely unlock your car using expert equipment and techniques that won’t damage your car at all.


Car Key Repair

We wouldn’t want you to waste your money by buying a brand new Land Rover car key if we know that your broken key can be fixed. If we think your key can be repaired we will happily provide you with our repair service and get your key fixed on the same day.


Car Lock Repair/Ignition Barrel Repair

If there’s anything more frustrating than a broken key it’s a broken lock. If your key is stuck in your door lock or your Land Rover’s ignition barrel, we can extract it in no time at all. Our experts can quickly identify whether it’s the key or the lock that’s broken and get to work quickly so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

How Do Land Rover Car Keys Work?

As the years go by and technology moves forward in leaps and bounds, car keys are becoming more advanced and high tech than we ever imagined they would be. Sadly, that also means that getting a replacement key made is becoming more and more expensive. When you go to a Land Rover dealer to key your car keys replaced you may find yourself paying extortionate prices. This is because there are innovative technologies installed in both the key and the car that are designed to keep your car safe.

After 1995, most manufactured cars were and still are fitted with an immobiliser. While the design of immobilisers and their placement in the car may have changed over the years, their purpose and basic function is still fundamentally the same. Car keys have a unique transponder chip inside of them. When you place them in the ignition the immobiliser in your Land Rover will recognise your chip and turn on the car. If you use a key without a transponder chip that’s programmed specifically to your car you will find that your Land Rover won’t turn on or it may immediately switch off after you’ve started it. With this system in place, only a person carrying your key can use your car and you can, in fact, deactivate your key if it is lost or stolen.

While this is a brilliant technology that has likely prevented a lot of cars being stolen, it has become more difficult to replace car keys because in order to work they need to be programmed specifically to your car. This is why you should never purchase keys from unlicensed or second hand sellers. The keys they sell you will not be programmed to your car and so have a high probability of not working. You could either buy your replacement keys from on official Land Rover dealer, which may be expensive and inconvenient, or you could buy your replacement Land Rover car keys from Car Keys Solutions. Our experts can easily programme newly made keys or reprogram your keys if they desynchronise.

Which Land Rover Models Do Our Car Key Services Cover?

• Land Rover Defender
• Land Rover Classic
• Land Rover
• Land Rover Discovery
• Range Rover L405
• Range Rover Sport
• Range Rover Evoque

What Should I Do If My Land Rover Car Key Is Broken Or Lost?

A quick call to us if you find your Land Rover car key’s broken or lost will save you money, time and a lot of unnecessary stress. Instead of paying for a tow and taking a taxi to your Land Rover dealer, you can call us and we’ll send out an emergency team to help. Our technicians and locksmiths are all highly trained professionals, capable of providing a range of services. They are highly knowledgeable and understand all of the intricacies of Land Rover technology and design and of all of the models. They’ll bring one of our vans to wherever you are, filled with all of the latest and high tech equipment. So, once we arrive, all you have to do is go for a walk or grab a cup of tea and when you come back you’ll have a new or fixed Land Rover car key that you can use right away.

What Land Rover Car Key Service Do You Require?

Our extensive Land Rover car key services cover almost any problem you may encounter with your keys or car locks. We can repair Land Rover car keys, replace them, programme them and we can do it all on site. One of the great things about our services is that we bring them straight to you wherever you are and can get the job done quickly. Our key repair and replacement services come with a one year guarantee and all of our services have a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Customer service is one of our highest priorities and we do our best to ensure that you are getting the best quality care that we can provide. Our professionals all possess expert knowledge of Land Rover car keys and locks and take pride in their work.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our services, receiving a free quote or are in need of our Land Rover key repair and replacement emergency team then please contact us.