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Here at Car Keys Solutions, our brand of state of the art equipment and expert technicians will come to you wherever you’re located. You can trust your key services with us, and you can be certain that we will provide you with high quality, expert service every time. Whether your car key is broken, lost or damaged, or you need our help when it comes to programming your transponder chip to your immobiliser system, you can be sure that we will have everything that you need. We carry out replacement services for those who have lost or broken their keys, and will also ensure that we repair any chips or scratches. Our expert Skoda key locksmiths can also enter your car if you have locked your keys inside, without leaving a trace. If you’re struggling with a lost or broken car key, make sure to call Car Keys Solutions today.

Which Skoda Key Do You Own?

No matter which Skoda key you need to be replaced or repaired, we have the cutting-edge technology in order to ensure that we can carry out all of our services, on the spot. Broken Skoda keys are mishaps that can happen, and that we have seen on numerous occasions, particularly with Skoda Fabia keys. With Car Keys Solutions, you don’t need to stress. We can provide you with a solution quickly and conveniently and will dispatch an emergency mobile car keys replacement unit to your location within the hour. They will take care of your key, and either cut you a brand new one or repair your existing one. Even if you’ve lost all of your car keys, we can provide you with a solution. Choose Car Keys Solutions now.

What Do You Need To Know About Skoda Keys?

  • If you’ve lost your Skoda
    keys, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever car key you need, we will send out a specialist Skoda key technician to supply you with a new set while you wait.
  • Car key technology is taken very seriously, and so is security. With modern car keys manufactured after 1995, your remote control car key will have a transponder chip, which requires the key to be synchronised to an individual car.
  • If you’ve purchased your Skoda vehicle second hand, you may have just one set of keys. In this case, we recommend that you get a second Skoda key cut & programmed so if one of them gets lost or broken, you will have a backup.
  • If we need to programme your Skoda key’s transponder chip to your vehicle, we will need to take out the ECU in order to collect the chip data from the car. However, our trained technicians will do this without leaving a trace.
  • If your car key is not programmed correctly, your car will not start. To do this, our highly expert Skoda key technicians use expert dealership-standard programming technology.

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Lost Or Broken Skoda Keys Replacement

If you are struggling with lost or broken car keys, you can have a replacement set within minutes when you choose Car Keys Solutions. We can provide you with a replacement on the spot, so you don’t have to wait to have your vehicle towed to our base or wait for 10 working days for a replacement car key for your Skoda like you would at a dealer.

What Skoda Key Services Do We Provide?

Skoda Key Duplication

If you’re in need of a duplicate car key in order to have a spare for any emergency, then you can book an appointment with one of our mobile car key specialists, or come to our base in London. Preparing ahead for an emergency when you lose or break one of your car keys and having a duplicate made beforehand is far more cost-effective, saving you both time and hassle.


Skoda Key Programming

In some cases, an electronic key, transponder chip or remote FOB may need to be resynced in order to get it working again after it has become de-synchronized. To do this, specialist diagnostic equipment is needed. If this has happened to you, then give us a call to save money instead of applying for a brand new set of keys.


Skoda Car Opening

If your car keys have been locked inside your vehicle, then our expert locksmiths are trained in secure techniques to gain entry into your car without leaving a scratch.


Skoda Key Repair

Car keys can be surprisingly fragile, and many have been snapped, cracked or simply too worn to function. If this is the case with your Skoda key, then our technicians can repair it to make sure it is back in working order either onsite wherever your vehicle is, or at our base in London.


Car Lock Repair/ Ignition Barrel Repair

Sometimes it isn’t the key that is the problem – it can be the lock. If you are having problems with a door lock or the ignition barrel, then our Car Key Solutions experts can provide you with a quick and efficient service where your vehicle is. Our prices are often quoted far lower than garages.

How Does Modern Skoda Key Technology Work?

The latest Skoda models boast a sophisticated keyless entry system, which uses a proximity key to detect when the key is close to the vehicle, unlocking the doors, and allowing the ignition to start in response to a push button. However, all Skoda car keys made after 1995 contain a small microchip known as a transponder chip. This chip must be programmed specifically to your Skoda vehicle in order to allow the engine to start.

Which Skoda Models' Keys Do We Repair?

  • Skoda Felicia
  • Skoda Octavia
  • Skoda Fabia
  • Skoda Superb

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Car Key Solutions Skoda Key Replacement Vs The Dealers?

If you’re unsure whether to take your car to a dealership or simply call us, then this may help. When you choose a Skoda dealership, you will be looking to pay in the region of £800 and will have to wait up to 10 working days. In addition to this, with a dealer, you may need to pay extra to tow your vehicle to the dealership, up to two times if you need to take it back after the initial inspection. However, with Car Keys Solutions mobile service you will find that we offer a much better value service, and will repair or replace your key as you wait, to ensure that you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

What Skoda Keys Services Do You Require?

Here at Car Keys Solutions, we provide you with a fair and reliable service, at a very budget-friendly price. We understand the inconvenience of a broken or lost car key, and whether it simply has a few scratches that need to be repaired, or you need a whole new replacement set, we can provide all of our services on the spot. As a leading Skoda key replacement service, we can provide you with everything that you need, while you wait. Give our emergency hotline a call now.