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It is official: On some new keyless vehicles relay attacks still possible

Relay attacks on the rise – and so are the insurance premiums Relay attacks on keyless vehicles have been a problem for years in the UK especially but all around the world. In the UK, in 2019, the Police crime figures show a 3% increase from the year for mainly auto theft but it also…

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Do you know your car keys?

Replacing car keys used to be relatively a simple matter. It was strictly cutting a new metal key as it would be usually done with any other metal key. Those days are long gone. Nowadays, these car keys have become more sophisticated, which not only requires to be cut but also needs to be programmed.…

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Auto Locksmith – The Beacon of Hope for Locked-Out Car Owners

Auto locksmith are a godsend. They have saved many car owners like the common ‘I locked myself out’ category of individuals, or ‘I can’t seem to find my car keys’ camp. Either way, auto locksmiths have always saved the day. The profession of car locksmiths is not to be trivialised, because truly, they are the…

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