Vauxhall Car Key Replacement

Are you looking for an exceptional car keys replacement provider in London for your Vauxhall vehicle? Then you’re in the right place. Our trained technicians utilise only the most cutting-edge equipment and quality manufacturer products, in order to ensure that any car key replacement or repair is carried out quickly and effectively, every time. Whether your Vauxhall car key is snapped in the ignition, or you’ve lost your key after a night out, we can help. You don’t need to worry about towing your car to the nearest dealer, and paying premium prices when you call Car Keys Solutions. We can provide you with a mobile Vauxhall car key replacement service, meaning we can be with you within an hour of your call (depending on your location), no matter where your car is located. For an efficient mobile Vauxhall car key replacement service for your broken, lost or damage Vauxhall car key, turn to Car Keys Solutions.

Which Vauxhall Model’s Car Key Do You Use?

No matter which Vauxhall model you own, you can be sure that we will provide you with everything that you need, with our exceptional mobile service. Our highly trained Vauxhall car key specialists will come straight to you, as soon as you need us, to provide you with a range of replacement, duplication, or repair services. We also carry out programming for transponder chips in Vauxhall car keys.

How Much Do You Know About Vauxhall Car Keys?

  • Modern Vauxhall car keys (manufactured after 1995) are equipped with 3 security levels, the metal blade, the transponder chip and the remote FOB. This means that the car key duplication or replacement service is normally a very technical process. Our team can carry this out quickly and effectively.
  • Our Vauxhall car key technicians travel in their mobile units straight to you, and are ready to replace or repair your car keys quickly and efficiently.
  • Unlike a dealer, we won’t ask you to wait 10 working days for the key to be ordered and delivered. We will carry out our service, on the spot while you wait.
  • We encourage all our customers to get a second spare key cut & programmed in advance so that they are prepared in case of an emergency. This will not only give you peace of mind, but it’ll also save you time and money in the future.
  • Vauxhall car keys with transponder chips will need to be programmed to your individual car in order for them to work.

What Vauxhall Car Key Services Do We Provide?

Lost Or Broken Vauxhall Car Keys Replacement

With Car Keys Solutions, you can have a replacement set of Vauxhall car keys within minutes. We can provide you with a replacement on the spot, so you don’t have to wait to have your vehicle towed to our base or wait for 10 working days.


Vauxhall Car Key Duplication

If you’re in need of a duplicate car key in order to have a spare for any emergency, then you can book an appointment with one of our mobile car key specialists. Preparing ahead for an emergency when you lose or break one of your car keys is important.


Vauxhall Car Key Programming

In some cases, an electronic key, transponder chip may need to be re-synced in order to get it working again after it has become de-synchronized. To do this, specialist diagnostic equipment is needed, but we can help.


Vauxhall Car Opening

Our expert locksmiths are trained in secure techniques to gain entry into your car without leaving a scratch. If you have locked your car keys inside your car, we can gain entry and retrieve them quickly.


Vauxhall Car Key Repair

Car keys can be surprisingly fragile, and many have been snapped and cracked. If this is the case with your Vauxhall car key, then our technicians can repair it.


Car Lock Repair/ Ignition Barrel Repair

Sometimes it isn’t the key that is the problem – it can be the lock. If you are having problems with a door lock or the ignition barrel, then our Car Key Solutions experts can provide you with a quick and efficient service.

How Do Vauxhall Car Keys Work?

All Vauxhall Cars sold since 1995 are equipped with a factory-fitted immobiliser system linked to a small glass chip embedded in the car key. The immobilizer system searches electronically for a transponder chip when a key is inserted into the ignition and turned. If the correct chip is present, the immobiliser system will allow the Vauxhall vehicle to start. If the immobiliser system fails to detect a chip, the fuel supply to the engine is cut off. This system is normally impossible to bypass, override or remove a Vauxhall immobilizer and still drive the vehicle. This process may be known in the industry as a “crypto coding system”.

Vauxhall car keys manufactured prior to 1995 contains no transponder chip, and this will significantly reduce the cost of a new car key. It is important to know that second hand chips and keys purchased via the internet will not start a Vauxhall vehicle, as it will first need to be diagnostically paired using dealer-standard equipment.

What Vauxhall Model Do You Own?

  • Vauxhall Astra
  • Vauxhall Calibra
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • Vauxhall Frontera
  • Vauxhall Insignia
  • Vauxhall Monaro
  • Vauxhall Monterey
  • Vauxhall Meriva
  • Vauxhall Omega
  • Vauxhall Signum
  • Vauxhall Senator
  • Vauxhall Tigra
  • Vauxhall Vectra
  • Vauxhall VX220
  • Vauxhall Zafira
  • Vauxhall Combo
  • Vauxhall Movano
  • Vauxhall Vivaro

What If I Need My Vauxhall Car Key Duplicated?

If your Vauxhall vehicle only has one key that starts the engine, Car Keys Solutions strongly recommends that you purchase a second set of keys so in case of an emergency or if the key that you currently have gets lost, you still have a backup set. Being proactive can save you more than £100 if you unfortunately lost access to your vehicle.

Why Should You Choose Car Keys Solutions Over The Dealers?

If all of your keys are lost or broken, an authorised dealership can replace your Vauxhall car key – but this process can cost around £800 if all of you locks are changed. In addition to this, dealers are also likely to need the car to be transported to the dealership before they supply the new key. This can incur tow-truck charges if you have no other way to get it there, and you may also have to do this more than once. The entire process generally takes around 10 working day, because keys will need to be ordered in, often from abroad. After this, your key will then need to be programmed.

On the other hand, our highly trained Vauxhall car key specialists can usually provide you with a fully-working car key at the roadside, if all of your keys are lost. We can give you a quality replacement by cutting and programming a bespoke new key to the existing lock barrels and immobiliser. We will gain entry to your vehicle even if you are completely locked and also extract a snapped key from inside the lock and cut a replacement on the spot if a Vauxhall key or remote control FOB has become trapped. We will then programme your key on the spot, as you wait, while providing this service all at a fraction of the price that dealerships provide it at.