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A single vehicle security and safety solution
with Car Alarm Fittings

Introducing the StarLine S9 Series: it’s not just an alarm and immobiliser – it’s a whole new intelligent vehicle protection system.

It provides protection against theft, hijack, break-in and vandalism with features that include:

  • Driver identification and authorisation
    • ID / smartphone tag required to start
    • PIN sequence using the vehicle controls
  • Theft / hijack protection in the form of safe engine cutout – either automatic or via the vehicle owner's command signal
  • Sophisticated and reliable protection against all known code-grabbing / relay attacks
  • Hands-free unlocking so there’s no need to stop and find the vehicle key with your arms full of shopping
  • Vehicle movement detection by the bult-in 3D accelerometer, plus instant alert sent to the owner via SMS
  • Complete clarity of all smartphone control signals, in both high-signal and no-signal locations.

But the StarLine S9 Series doesn’t just provide total security for your vehicle. It’s also a diagnostic and status reporting system to make sure your vehicle isn’t just secure when you’re away from it – the system ensures that you always know your vehicle is safe and economical for you to drive.

The StarLine S9 analyses your driving style and suggests improvements for road safety and reduction of component wear and tear.

You get diagnostics reports on demand for the status of your vehicle’s:

  • Engine 
  • Suspension
  • Transmission
  • Braking
  • Steering
  • Fuel consumption

Other reports include:

  • SIM card balance
  • Battery charge level
  • Cabin temperature

And there's no need to disconnect your factory-installed immobiliser/alarm security systems – all models in the StarLine S9 Series actually enhance the performance of any factory-installed security system

And you never have to pay a penny for vehicle location or trip tracking with the Starline S9 Series – it’s absolutely free no matter how often you use it, and whether you log on to the StarLine monitor site or use the StarLine mobile app.

Peace of mind – and reduced premiums

We have installed hundreds of StarLine systems in private and commercial vehicles, saving their owners a fortune in insurance premiums.

You too can reduce your premium payments and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vehicle is completely protected when our trained and qualified technicians install your StarLine S9 Series Security System.

We’re here to help you keep your vehicle safe and secure. Call us today to discuss which model of the StarLine S9 Series is best for your needs and book your installation.


The StarLine S9 Series

the vehicle safety and security protection you're ever going to need -
in just the one single package