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Car Keys Solutions Auto Locksmith is part of the OGS Mechanics Group based in Finchley. We specialise in auto locksmith services like car key replacement, car key cutting, car key programming, unlocking vehicle’s locked doors, lost or stolen key security, theft protection and more. We have a mobile fleet team with sophisticated equipment and we cover London and the surrounding counties. Our technicians are highly trained to deal with any situations where car locksmith services are required for almost any make and models. We can also help at our shops, located at 142-144 East End Road, East Finchley, London, N2 0RZ or 286-288 Kilburn High Road, Kilburn, London, NW6 2DB. If you’re stranded at home or on the road because you have lost, broken or damaged your key or if you are locked out of the car, then our mobile auto locksmith company should be your first call to make. You can reach us at 0203 393 5669 or 0203 627 1771. We have one-hour emergency callout response and we can have you back on the road 99% of the time within the same day.


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Car key replacement

There are several reasons when a car key replacement is needed. Of course, aside from the unpleasant event where a car key is lost or stolen, the key replacement also occurs when the key may be misplaced or broken beyond repair.

Spare car key

To have a second working car key or a spare car key, it may prove to be instrumental when the main car key is missing for various reasons. First of all, a spare car key may, for the time being, save the moment by being able to drive the vehicle. Furthermore, a spare car key will save you a ton of money when cutting and programming a new car key.

Car key repair

Ever wondered if the car keys can be repaired? The answer is yes. There are many components, within a fob key that can be repaired or replaced that not always involves programming. The repairs may include the shell case, the buttons or switches on the electronic circuit board, battery holder- this sometimes comes loose all together or loses connection with the electronic circuit board.

Car key cutting

Cutting a car key is a relatively easy process when another working key is present and maybe a little more time is needed if no car key is present at all. The door lock needs to be decoded in order to obtain the exact match and then is proceeded to cutting the new car key.

Car key programming

The process of car key programming may be as simple as 1-2-3 or rather complicated. What can complicate the process of a car key? Well, when no working car key is present, then at the time of programming 1 or more security modules need to be read in order to delete any non-present car key and only program the car keys on hand.

Vehicle doors unlocking

This may be more common than anything else. To be in a rush at any given time, lock the car keys inside the vehicle. But wait, is it possible to lock your own keys inside the vehicle without pressing any buttons? Technically no. But freak accidents happen all the time and this would be no different. Remember Murphy’s Laws- If anything can go wrong, it will.

Lost or stolen key security

Having the car keys lost or stolen and locking the keys inside the vehicle are the most common incidents. While having the car keys locked inside the vehicle only involves opening up the vehicle to retrieve the car keys, when the car keys are lost or stolen, the security of the car is at risk. What to do in this case and who to call?

Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds key services

We provide motorcycles, scooters and mopeds key services and security solutions, too.

Theft protection immobiliser system

Relay attacks occur daily. It was estimated that for various reasons the auto theft has doubled in the past five years compared to the previous five. These relay attacks usually occur on keyless vehicles.

Van security and safety

Tradespeople, couriers, delivery people have been more and more under attack in terms of having goods, parcels or tools stolen from the commercial vans. There are ways of protections depending on the needs of each category of people. You can read more about how slam locks have helped one of our customers for not being robbed.

Vehicle tracking

Having a vehicle tracking device installed can be the next best investment in one’s vehicle after an immobiliser system. While an immobiliser system will render the vehicle undrivable, a tracking device will locate a vehicle that was driven away by unauthorised people or to just monitor a very young and less experienced driver. Whichever the case may be, having a tracker device installed may lower the insurance premium.

Common Fault Fixing

Steering column lock could and would prevent the vehicle from starting if the symptoms present are not addressed in a timely manner. These faults are commonly found in Mercedes C-class and E-class, BMW E-series, Mercedes Sprinter W906 M.Y. 2006-2013 and VW Passat 2005-2011. By clicking on the link below, you will find out how to recognise when you have a steering column lock issue for each individual make and what should you do about it.

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