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Autowatch Ghost II Car Immobiliser

Secure your peace of mind and your vehicle with Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser, the next generation of vehicle security!

Hidden within your car or van’s wiring means that it’s almost impossible to find and this ability to go unnoticed means would be criminals won’t be able to disable it if they don’t know it’s there. It doesn’t use key-fobs or LED indicators which also helps to avoid alerting potential thieves to it presence in the vehicle.

  • Hands free, disarm by Bluetooth or smartphone
  • Connect  2 smart phones
  • Disarm sequence via buttons on steering wheel/dash
  • Pin to drive authorisation protection against hijacking
  • Invisible engine blocking
  • No key-fobs or LED Indications
  • No transmitted radio frequency signals
  • Service/valet mode
  • Automatically engages when you turn off ignition
  • Protects your car from Key-cloning, hacking and key theft

Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser Protects your car from Key-cloning, hacking and key theft



  • WORKSHOP INSTALL: prices start from £499;
  • MOBILE SERVICE: prices start from £549.


  • WORKSHOP INSTALL: prices start from £599;
  • MOBILE SERVICE: prices start from £649;


prices from £788 only

SAVE £60

prices from £638 only

SAVE £60

prices from £897 only

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Ghost II

Connect 2 Mobiles

The Ghost II allows 2 phones to be connected, just pair your phone with your Ghost II and leave Autowatch running in the background.


The Autowatch Ghost II requires a pin code of between 4 and 21 button presses of any buttons on the steering wheel or console making it almost impossible for car thieves to crack the sequence. This makes the vehicle secure.

Once installed, it’s untraceable as it’s small, wrapped within the car’s wires, and emits not radio frequency signal. So there’s no signal from a fob for thieves to capture to enter the vehicle.

Ghost II is the ultimate car security ghost device to have because it uses the vehicle’s CAN Data Network having such a security device installed, that doesn’t use any radio frequency and keeps the vehicle secure.

Increasingly insurance companies require the device to be fitted, particularly on keyless entry vehicles. This can also reduce monthly premiums.

Once the Ghost II immobiliser is installed, the vehicle will not move unless the pin code configuration is entered in the correct sequence. And the vehicle is secure. The way the system operates is different according to the vehicle making it difficult for potential thieves to find it. Read More

Ghost 2 Immobiliser: Invisible Security for Your Car

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that, according to, almost 49,000 vehicles were stolen in the UK in 2021. What might surprise you though, is that many of these cars had factory-installed immobilisers fitted – after all, they’ve been a legal requirement for decades. These immobilisers work by communicating with the transponder installed in the car key and matching up ‘ignition barrel’ codes. If the codes match, the immobiliser is switched off; if they don’t, well the car isn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, this type of key fob immobiliser is now extremely easy to bypass. The radio signals that connect the key fob to the immobiliser are easily traced and copied. Enter the Ghost II Immobiliser. This state-of-the-art device doesn’t rely on radio signals, so it can’t be bypassed in the same way.

Ghost Alarm Systems: The Next Generation of Vehicle Security

So, what’s so special about Ghost Alarm Systems? Let us tell you more. The Ghost 2 Immobiliser is literally like a ghost because we fit in within your car or van’s wiring so that it’s almost impossible to find. So, even if criminals do target your car, they’re not even going to know that it’s there. It doesn’t operate with key fobs or alert potential thieves to its existence with flashing LED lights. It really is as invisible as a ghost. To disarm the immobiliser, you simply use your smartphone or Bluetooth. It has the capability to connect to two smartphones of your choice. You can also disarm the sequence via controls on the steering wheel or dashboard and add an extra layer of security by inputting a PIN to prevent hijacking. In short, unlike older types of immobilisers, both our Ghost car immobiliser as well as van immobilisers offer invisible engine blocking without the need for transmitted radio signals and automatically engages when you turn off the ignition. What could be simpler than that?

Protect Your Car from Key Theft, Key Cloning and Hacking with Ghost Car Immobilisers

If you’re interested in having a Ghost car alarm immobiliser system fitted to your vehicle, get in touch with us here at Car Keys Solutions. Our fully trained and reliable team are experts at Ghost Immobiliser installation and have successfully installed hundreds of devices of this type. It’s our mission in life to keep you, your vehicle and its contents safe. We fully recommend the Ghost car alarm immobiliser as do many UK-based insurance companies. In fact, many will even reduce your premiums if you choose to have it installed. The team at Car Keys Solutions have years of experience in all aspects of car security and provides a wide range of services to motorists across London and the M25 area. Our service has over 8,000 positive reviews and we’ve built our reputation on reliability, excellence and value.

Can Ghost Alarm for Cars be Bypassed or Hacked?

All modern cars have a standard, factory-fitted immobiliser that prevents them being started without the correct key or key fob being present. However, this equipment can be compromised by key cloning, device spoofing or signal jamming that enable thieves to unlock and start cars.

For standard immobilisers, a key or fob sends a code to the car’s electronic control unit and, if this is correct, the car can be started. It is this signal that can be hacked or bypassed to steal the car.

A car ghost immobiliser is a more modern and sophisticated device that has additional security features, typically requiring a code sequence to be input using buttons on the dashboard and steering wheel as well as depression of the pedals. The car will only start if these are pressed in the correct sequence and an incorrect code may cause the alarm to sound and also shut down the fuel system and starter motor. So the Ghost immobiliser cost will be quickly repaid in reduced insurance costs.

Why Car Security Ghosts are much more Secure

An Autowatch Ghost 2 immobiliser is the latest version and incorporates the most up-to-date technology, working in conjunction with the standard immobiliser to provide an extra layer of security. When professionally installed, rather than a self-install model that plugs into the OBD port, it is fully integrated with the car’s electronics and there is no physical evidence of its presence so it cannot be removed.

To deactivate the immobiliser, you enter the code that only you know before you can start the car. You can then reactivate using the code and a security card when you park the car.

The car ghost immobiliser emits no radio signals, has no obvious physical presence and cannot be detected by potential thieves. So the Ghost 2 immobiliser cost will provide enhanced protection that will effectively prevent thieves stealing your car.

Why Thieves Hate Car Immobilisers in the UK

Car thieves think they're clever. They also think car owners are largely stupid because the thieves are more on the case than most owners.

Keys? The smart thieves can handle them. Any type, any make of car. Any level of sophistication. Electronic fobs? They know all about those.

What they don't like are immobilisers. Car immobilisers in the UK stop thieves in their tracks. They're effective and they can be invisible, so they waste thieves' time and drive them crazy. That's why you should stay one step ahead with UK car immobilisers from Car Keys Solutions.

Immobile: it's a lovely word when it's on your side. Your car is going nowhere unless you want it to. You can override it with a PIN. Or maybe with your iPhone if you want, with a single authorised connection, fully encrypted and operating by Bluetooth.

Car immobilisers in the UK give owners an advantage. We can fit one, so no one knows it's there. Only you. And you're the only person who needs to know.

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Our service points are open 7 days a week, from 8am to 10pm, so you can arrange an appointment for your Ghost Immobiliser fitting at your convenience. Simply call us on 0203 393 5669 or complete our online contact form and someone will get back to you. In the meantime, if you have any questions about our immobilisers, any of our car security services or you're searching for van locks for security, we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you. Read Less

Unique Benefits of Autowatch Ghost II


Car Ghost Immobiliser, Alarm Systems and Tracking Devices

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We have a proven track record and successfully installed hundreds of Ghost II devices in response to the rise in car theft. As experts in vehicle security we work with our suppliers in finding the weak security points to help better protect vehicles.

While a car alarm can make noise when the vehicle is accessed, and a car tracker can monitor the vehicle in motion, the key aim is to stop the vehicle from being driven by unauthorised drivers. It’s also important to understand that one size does not fit all, and security solutions required differ from one vehicle to another.

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