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Keeping your Van Secure with Van Alarm Systems

If you haven't stared at the empty parking space where you'd left your van and felt shock, anger and perhaps even guilt, then you're lucky – the RAC has said that on average 30 vans are stolen each and every day.

But it’s not just vans that are stolen – it’s also their contents: according to research done by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles the cost of tool theft from vans works out to £550/day in downtime alone – yet, they say, 57% of van drivers still leave tools and equipment in their vehicles overnight.

And not even half of all new vans, the RAC continues, are produced with an alarm fitted as standard – even though they may be equipped with remote locking and not a specialised van security deadlock or using any proper van immobliser.




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You need a van alarm system

In the age of technology, the need for robust security for your vehicles, especially vans, has never been more urgent. Vans, by nature, often carry valuable goods, machinery, tools, or other essential assets for business and personal use. Hence, securing these valuables from potential threats becomes a paramount concern. This is where the role of a reliable van alarm system, like the Starline S96, comes into play.

The Problem: Rising Van Break-ins

Across urban areas and even in some remote locations, van break-ins are on the rise. Thieves, armed with better tools and techniques, can easily breach traditional vehicle security measures. It's a grim reality that many van owners find out the hard way. The aftermath of such events isn't just financial loss but also the potential downtime in businesses and emotional distress.

The Solution: Starline S96 Van Alarm System

Thanks to technological advancements, solutions like the Starline S96 are available to van owners, offering enhanced security and peace of mind. Designed with cutting-edge features, the Starline S96 goes beyond the standard van security alarms.

Features and Characteristics of Starline S96:

  • Intelligent Sensing: With its smart sensors, the Starline S96 can differentiate between potential threats and harmless interactions. This means fewer false alarms and more genuine alerts.
  • Remote Control: The system offers remote control capabilities, allowing users to engage or disengage the alarm from a distance. A perfect feature for those moments when your hands are full, or you're in a hurry.
  • Anti-Hijacking Protection: Safety isn't just about protecting the van while it's stationary. The Starline S96 offers anti-hijacking features that make it nearly impossible for a thief to drive away with your vehicle.
  • Tamper Alerts: Any attempts to interfere with the alarm system itself, like trying to disable it, will immediately trigger alerts, ensuring another layer of protection.
  • User-friendly Interface: Despite its advanced features, the Starline S96 is designed with the user in mind, ensuring easy configuration and operation.
  • Integrated Mobile App: Stay connected with your van's security through a dedicated mobile app. Receive real-time alerts, monitor your van's location, and even control the alarm system remotely.

Why Choose Car Keys Solutions?

We at Car Keys Solutions understand the importance of securing your van and doing it with the best equipment in the market. Our professional team installs the Starline S96 precisely, ensuring maximum security and optimal performance.

In Conclusion

The term "car alarm" or "van alarm" may be among the most searched terms in the field, but it's not about following a trend; it's about understanding a necessity. The Starline S96 isn't just a product; it's an investment in peace of mind, safeguarding your valuable assets and ensuring that your van remains exactly where you left it. Secure your future and choose the Starline S96 with Car Keys Solutions today.

Peace of mind – and reduced premiums

We have installed hundreds of Starline S96 systems in all makes and models of commercial and private vehicles, saving their owners a fortune in insurance premiums.

You too can reduce your premium payments and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vehicle and its contents are safe from break-in and theft when we install your Starline S96 System.

We’re here to help you keep your van and its contents secure. Call us today to find out more and book your installation.


Choose Car Keys Solutions for Your Van Alarm System

Whether your van is a workhorse, or you drive it for fun, it’s important to keep it safe. According to the RAC, on average 30 vans are stolen every day, so you can see why you need to have a reliable van alarm system fitted to your van. Not only will it be a deterrent to would-be vehicle thieves, but it may stop them from stealing the contents of your van too. Research carried out by VW Commercial Vehicles estimates that the cost of tool theft from vans equates to around £550 a day in downtime alone! Can you afford to lose so much money? A good alarm system for your van could mean the difference between losing sleep over the safety of your vehicle and being able to park it up feeling confident that it will still be there in the morning. When you consider that less than half of all new vans have an alarm system fitted as standard, you can see how important it is to up the ante on your security. Read More
Fortunately, Car Keys Solutions are experts in installing high-quality van alarm systems in the London/M25 area. So don’t leave your van as a sitting duck; get yourself a top-of-the-range alarm system fitted to your van, and you too can sleep soundly at night.

We Install Van Alarm Systems Quickly

At Car Keys Solutions, we have many years of experience in safeguarding vehicles in and around the London and M25 areas. We not only provide replacement keys for all makes and models of vehicles, but we can fit van security systems quickly. We can also fit immobilisers such as the Ghost 2, and other security devices to keep your vehicle safe and secure. Our preferred van alarm system for UK vehicles is the Autowatch 695 CAN Bus Alarm System. It’s been awarded the highest grade possible by the security rating organisation, Thatcham. One of its biggest selling points is that it can be installed anywhere within your van, making it practically impossible for thieves to find it. If, in the unlikely event that it is disturbed, it will send a text message to warn you. How about that for service? Although we apologise in advance if you’re asleep in bed!

Deterring Thieves by Fitting Van Alarm Systems

Recent figures show that almost eight in ten trades people have had tools stolen at some point and that, once your van has been broken into, thieves are likely to return. Thefts of vans or their contents have risen fifty percent in four years and are most likely to occur in London or Birmingham where the cost of damage repair and tool replacement averages £2,000. The Metropolitan Police reports 12,000 van thefts or burglaries over 2020-21 so it is a serious problem for London-based businesses.

Although modern vans might be thought to be more secure, most vehicle thefts now result from key or system hacking. And factory-fitted alarms, which only activate after doors have been opened, are failing to deter thieves or alert the public, so more effective van alarms are needed.

Van Security Alarms that are Really Effective

Having secure locks fitted to your van is essential but these will only delay thieves, especially if they have time to work on breaking in. And they will have plenty of time with a factory-fitted alarm that only activates after doors are forced open. By then, it’s too late to protect the contents.

What you really need is an alarm system that activates when any tampering with the van’s locks occurs. This will:

  • deter thieves because they can no longer work undetected
  • prevent damage to doors and locks
  • significantly reduce the risk of your vehicle or its contents being stolen.

A high quality and effective alarm that activates before access to the van is gained is the best method of safeguarding your vehicle and its contents. Combine this with secure locks and you have an overall system of protection that will give you peace of mind because you know your property is safe.

Make it hard for thieves to achieve their aims and you won’t become a crime statistic. More importantly, you’ll save money, avoid frustration and be able to keep working.

Isn’t It Time You Secured Your Commercial Vehicle with a Van Alarm System?

Don’t put your livelihood at risk. It’s easy to add extra security to your van. At Car Keys Solutions, we can solve your security issue quickly, with the least amount of fuss and, at a very affordable price. Get in touch with us today by calling 0203 393 5669 or completing our online contact form to arrange an appointment for a van alarm system installation. You’ll be joining thousands of satisfied customers across London and the surrounding M25 area. We already have over 8,000 positive reviews across a range of platforms and that number is increasing daily. Our technicians work tirelessly seven days a week in our East Finchley auto locksmith store, Brentwood, Kilburn, South Norwood and Milton Keynes centres and we offer appointments between 8am and 10pm for your convenience. Read Less