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Car Key Types


types of car keys

The technology behind cars has developed at a tremendous rate. We have better drive tech, more innovative safety features, better materials than ever before. It’s truly a golden age for the cars. One item that seems to be as vulnerable as ever is the car key. Though, many vehicles nowadays rely less on a physical key to open and lock a car or turn on and off the engine, there are still many older makes and models that rely just on one metal key blade to do the minimum necessary to drive the car. Regardless, whether it is a metal key, remote key or flip fob key, we rely on them to open our car doors, to start the engine, and to lock up the car again.


Car keys come in various types


  • Older models are more straightforward, non-remote car keys, which don’t contain any other features other than the strictly mechanical key individually cut for each vehicle.

    manual transponder car key


  • The next upgrade of the car keys is where the regular key has attached to it a car remote.

    remote car key


  • Newer models use remote car keys where the blade folds into it, also called flip fob keys. That remote typically opens, locks, and activates other security features. Having your vehicle equipped with this fob key means that you are still using a metal key to turn on and off the engine.

    flip remote car key


  •  The newest models use a car key fob, which is more advanced than the previous examples, which does not have a metal blade but still, it must be inserted into the ignition lock to start the engine.

    car key fob


  • And lastly, a key fob that is needed to be present when to lock/unlock and start the engine. With this type of key fob, to start the engine, a push-button ignition must be pressed. This push-button ignition is on the dashboard near the steering wheel. Some makes and models have incorporated into the remote an emergency blade, which can be used to enter the car in any event that the key fob failed.

    keyless car key


Common Car Key Issues


As crucial as our car keys are, they remain one of the most fragile components we have. They are vulnerable to myriad causes of damage and breakage. To understand why the fob key is prone to various issues that could render it unusable at times, we must understand what it’s in them. So, here are a few facts about FOB KEYS. For the past 20 years, the car keys have gone through a vast transformation from a simple mechanical key to a more sophisticated keyless entry system. Being that the auto theft is a very lucrative business, expensive car manufacturers like Audi, Volvo, BMW, and Mercedes have invested millions of euros in ensuring that the security of the fob keys is not compromised. The information stored in these fob keys can range from the mileage and last time-driven, fuel level, vehicle identification number to GPS data. This information can be used by insurance companies and law enforcement to prosecute those who attempt insurance fraud and more.


Here are some of the most common issues:


  • Worn blade Wear and tear altering the unique cuts on the key – if the cuts are off by even a little, the key might not turn the ignition switch or door lock, any longer, and will require a replacement key.


    worn car key blade


  • Key snaps in a frozen lock – a common affliction of the winter morning. As we nudge and twist the key with all our might, it can snap and get stuck in the lock, rendering it useless.


    broken car key blade


  • Key fob dropped repeatedly or from a height– with each drop, you might not think anything of it. Still, many falls, especially onto a hard surface or from any significant height, can cause physical damage, as well as a deficiency in its operation.


    faulty remote car key


  • Damaged circuit board The circuit board is what tells the car what to do once pressing the buttons. The circuit board is an electronic component located inside the plastic case. The circuit board is prone to many issues because of repeat falls, and if this is the issue, we will test the circuit board, and if determined that any of the components on the circuit board are to be at fault, we will proceed to replace. A bad microswitch is the most common fault on the fob key circuit board. It is replaceable, and once it is done, it restores the fob key to its full functionality.


    damaged car key board       another damaged car key board


  • Fob accidentally crushed under car wheel or other weight – an unfortunate accident more common than you might think that leaves the car fob key literally in pieces.


    damaged car key


  • Broken flip fob blade


    Flip remote car key with broken blade


  • Broken case or button pad


    broken car keys


  • Key blade bent – if you have a habit of keeping keys at the bottom of your bag, or if you hold them in your hand and lean them against surfaces, then over time, it can bend. They’re not as mighty as you might think, even though they are metal.


    bent car key blade


  • And more.


Until technology advances to the digital keys where physical car keys will no longer exist, we must hold on to them. Fortunately, car key repair and auto locksmith services are available and can supply with a car key repair or, if necessary, with car key replacement services and get us back on the road in the least amount of time.

Car Keys Solutions, based in London, is the perfect partner in this regard and most trusted. Car Keys Solutions can fix broken, snapped or damaged keys, damaged cases, damaged button pads, battery replacements, emergency auto locksmith services, and all these are done where you are at our Car Keys Workshop or by sending them in the post to us. Our pledge to you is that we always try to repair, but when no repair is possible, a new car key, flip fob key or fob key will be recommended. When in our coverage area you won’t need to tow your car home or to another location; we’ll come to you.

Our sophisticated equipment, including the up to date software, available to our well-trained professionals, will give you less expensive repair or replacement key with a minimum of inconvenience. Whether you need just the metal blade replaced, or the fob, or both, we have it all covered. We are equipped and ready for any eventuality. Give us a call from 08:00 to 22:00, seven days a week. The cars we service are, among others: Land Rover Freelander, Land Rover Discovery, Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, Ford Transit, Renault Megan, Vauxhall Astra, Vauxhall Vectra.


What if my key is intact, but it still doesn’t work as it should?


An essential area of car key repair is in physically restoring shattered keys and in fixing other potential faults. Since most modern car keys have moved from the strictly mechanical days of yore, they have taken on several new digital and high-tech add-ons. They contain sensors, connectivity, and remote-control features, all of which can become defective and stop working as it should. The car key repair process involves checking the functionality of the electronic side of the key, and repairs are possible on them.

Car Keys Solutions’ team of technicians are fully trained and recognized as being able to handle all the above common car key faults and others. Even with us coming to see you and operating for longer working hours than a typical dealership, you can save both time and money when you choose to use our convenient, affordable, and reliable service.

Car Keys Solutions knowledge in car keys, equipment, and software are available to provide you with all these repairs and or replacements. Your vehicle doesn’t have to be towed anywhere. You don’t have to wait days until a key will be available to you. We’re mobile throughout London and surrounding counties and as well located in East Finchley. We’re one phone call away, and callout response is 1- HOUR.

The Car keys Solutions Mobile Team

Let's lock up this topic.


We may be using the car keys a little bit differently today than we did in the past, but they are still a critical component of the car’s security and operation. Given the vulnerability of the newer car key fobs, especially with the amount of technology deployed into them, there is always a wide range of faults that could render it unusable. Therefore, you will need to have a reliable car key repair company with auto locksmith service on hand for when things go unplanned. When you need us, we’ll come to you, and we also welcome walk-in customers at our location in East Finchley. Car Keys Solutions is the premier and most reviewed car key repair service and auto locksmith for London and surrounding counties. Contact us between 08:00 and 22:00 Monday to Sunday — yes, seven days a week. With Car Keys Solutions, you are always in good hands.

The Car Keys Solutions Shop located in 142-144 East End Road,East Finchley,London, N2 0RZ

Most common repairs on car keys:

  • Replace rubber buttons or the entire buttons pad;
  • Replace microswitch on a circuit board, among other electronic components;
  • Replace broken key blade;
  • Replace remote key shell case;
  • Replace remote key battery or accumulator.


Here, at Car Keys Solutions, we provide, among other services:

  • Emergency auto locksmith;
  • Spare car key;
  • Car key replacement;
  • Car key programming;
  • Vehicle security and safety;
  • Common fault fixing, etc.

IMPORTANT! – We also have an online car key repair service available at this link E-SHOP KEY REPAIR


Fun fact about key fobs

The key fob as we know it today is not an ornament, but did you know that it was talked about as such? The word fob existed from as early as 1888, and it is believed to have originated from watch fob and referred to as an ornament attached to a pocket-watch chain.


Q:How much does it cost to repair a car key?

A: The cost of car key repair or replacement varies from one make and model to another. For more information, please contact us on the Contact page.

Q:Can a locksmith program a car key?

A: Yes. An auto locksmith will be able to cut a new key, program or reprogram should that
be necessary. An auto locksmith can provide a replacement for fob and transponder keys
for most makes and models. If the fob or transponder car key is damaged a locksmith
technician can repair it depending on the extent of the damage or replace it if no
repair can be done.

Q:What are the symptoms of a failing fob key?

A: Symptoms of a failing fob key:

  • Remote only operating from a short distance from the vehicle;
  • Multiple clicks are needed to lock/unlock the doors;
  • The key fob does not work consistently.


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