Car Diagnostic Call-Out Services - Starting from £150 (incl. VAT)

Car Keys Solutions stands at the forefront of providing state-of-the-art car diagnostic services in the evolving automotive industry landscape, where technological complexities are the norm. Our focus extends to individual customers and automobile traders, ensuring a broad spectrum of vehicles receive the expert care they deserve. Embrace the ease and efficiency of our mobile car diagnostic service, a solution crafted to confront the intricacies of modern vehicle management and dashboard warning light issues.

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Rapid, Professional Response: A Cut Above the Rest

**Professional and Prompt Service** One of the key reasons why customers should choose our car diagnostic service over other options is our ability to respond quickly to customer requests. Our mobile service ensures we can attend to your location on the same day, saving you the hassle of arranging recovery vehicles or towing services. We are committed to providing tailored solutions, regardless of the make or model of the car, and our team is well-prepared to address technical questions and concerns.'

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Beyond Basic Diagnostics: A Deeper Insight into Your Vehicle's Health

**Comprehensive Diagnostics** At Car Keys Solutions, we offer more than just basic diagnostics. Our advanced diagnostic equipment allows us to delve deeper into identifying faults and issues within the vehicle's systems. We understand that modern cars often experience electrical issues that can be resolved through software updates or reprogramming, and our expertise in this area enables us to provide practical solutions to our customers. When a warning light appears on the dashboard, our diagnostics process can indicate the expected repair process, empowering the customer to make informed decisions and understand the repairs required.'

Unmatched Technical Mastery for Diverse Vehicle Brands

**Technical Expertise** Our team is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and the technical expertise to tackle various vehicle diagnostics, coding, and programming needs. We are well-versed in working with multiple brands, including Audi, BMW, Citroën, Ford, Peugeot, Renault, Mercedes, Mazda, Nissan, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Volvo, Toyota, and more.

Our extensive experience and knowledge allow us to perform software updates, programming, and coding for different manufacturers' existing or new control units. Our access to online Dealer diagnostic tools will enable us to offer a level of service that surpasses traditional options, making us the go-to solution for car garages and traders who may not have access to the same level of diagnostic capabilities.'

Customised Services for Traders and Garages: Elevating Your Business

We extend our sophisticated diagnostic solutions to car garages and traders, offering them a partnership that grants access to high-level diagnostic expertise and tools. Our collaboration means enhanced service offerings for your clients, including advanced car diagnostic, coding and programming across various vehicle brands.

Our Commitment: Excellence in Every Diagnostic Challenge

At Car Keys Solutions, our mission transcends standard diagnostic services. We aim to be the ultimate choice for anyone facing vehicle management challenges, offering a mobile service spearheaded by a team of seasoned engineers. Our commitment to rapid response, detailed diagnostics, and technical supremacy positions us as the preferred partner for reliable, professional car diagnostic services.

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Experience the Car Keys Solutions Difference

As a leader in car diagnostics, Car Keys Solutions is dedicated to surpassing customer expectations providing meticulous care for every vehicle. Contact us today and discover the unparalleled benefits of our advanced car diagnostic services.

Car Diagnostic Call-Out Services - Starting from £150 (Incl. VAT)

Expertise at Your Doorstep: For a flat rate of £150, inclusive of VAT, our certified engineers will visit your location to conduct a comprehensive computerised vehicle diagnostic, ensuring precision and reliability in identifying any issues.

How Our Service Works:

Car Programming Service (Case 1):

If you have specific needs, such as coding a new control unit, programming a dealer-purchased car key, or addressing reset and AdBlue non-start issues, contact us. Detail your requirements, and we'll provide an immediate estimate over the phone. Upon agreement, we'll schedule your appointment, send a link for deposit payment, and assign an engineer to your case at a time that suits you.

Car Diagnostic Call out (Case 2):

Facing unknown vehicle troubles? Whether it's non-starting issues or warning lights on the dashboard, we're here to assist. Call us with your vehicle details and location, and if we cover it, the charge is £150. Once you confirm, we'll arrange your service, process your deposit, and allocate an engineer based on mutual availability. Our technician will advise on the necessary steps to resolve the issue post-diagnosis. Should further on-site assistance be possible, we'll agree on any additional charges before proceeding.

What you should know:

We won't attend if, after you tell us your car problem, our technician establishes that we might be unable to assist you. We will advise you on the next step in fixing your car rather than paying for a mobile car diagnostic.


We are not mobile mechanics. We won't do repairs on the side of the road. Although we cover all elements related to car keys and vehicle security services, we are not mobile mechanics.

The service charge is for an engineer to visit your location to perform the requested service, either for a car programming service or a car diagnostic call-out.

Upon completion, you will be emailed the diagnostic report.

Efficient, Transparent, and Reliable: At every step, we ensure transparency in pricing and services, guaranteeing no surprises. Trust us to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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