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Stay Safe!

If you’re reading this page, then you may already be in the unfortunate position where your vehicle keys have been stolen, lost, or because your vehicle locking barrel has malfunctioned.

We can help you fast, ensuring we have your vehicle protection and full functionality restored. In most cases, we can get to you within hours with our advanced auto locksmith services.

In case your car keys have been lost or stolen we strongly recommend you change or re-code your vehicle’s lock units and disable any old keys. This will help to prevent any unauthorised access including both opening and starting the vehicle.

Comprehensive Service

We provide a comprehensive auto locksmith service that will change and de-program any vehicle keys. This process includes:

  • Erasure of immobiliser transponders from the vehicle ‘memory’ – these transponders are fitted in keys and enable the starting of the engine. This way, lost or stolen keys will no longer be accepted by the vehicle’s immobiliser.
  • De-synchronisation of the key fob’s remote control that locks and unlocks the vehicle at the press of a button. Any lost or stolen key fob remotes will no longer be recognised by the vehicle.
  • Replacement and / or re-coding of the ignition barrel (where present), tailgate barrel and glove box barrel – rendering old keys or other means of access as useless.
  • Cutting and programming of two new keys for your vehicle.

Did you know?

In recent years, many vehicle manufacturers have used plastic keys with no apparent blade.
However, every car will actually have an emergency blade hidden inside the plastic key which can operate a barrel fitted inside the covered door handle in case the remote central locking stops working (for reasons such as a flat battery).

Did you check?

Recently, we noticed more insurance companies are offering car key cover as part of insurance policies or as a separate insurance car key policy covering unfortunate situations where car keys have been lost or stolen. Insurers may also cover full lock set replacement or re-coding, giving you peace of mind that any lost or stolen car keys will not operate your car door locks, central locking remote and immobiliser systems.

Check your insurance policy for a detailed breakdown of policy coverage – and if you’re covered, you’ll be able to claim back the cost of your car key replacement and car key lock replacement.

How long does it take?

We can usually handle most jobs with our mobile service in a single visit, and we can usually get to you within hours. If we’re unable to help you with our mobile service, we can arrange for a recovery truck to collect your vehicle and bring is to our secure premises in Finchley Central.

Car Keys Solutions auto locksmiths will contact your insurer or provide you with a direct price estimate for a full car lock set replacement, or to re-code your existing keys.

We can also improve your car immobiliser system, please speak with our advisers for more information.

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