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A spare car key may save your day some day

One cannot go wrong by having a spare car key. One may ask you would that be? The reasons can be multiple, but before diving into the reasons, we should mention that if you bought a car with only one key or you may have been for years with just one car key, only because the cost for it would just not fit in the budget. While that may have been the case some years back where only the main dealership could supply any car keys repairs or any other services but not so much today. There are many and better other alternatives, where an auto locksmith company will provide the service mobile, which means they will come to you. They are less expensive and will provide a much faster service. Here is what you can avoid by having a set of car keys when it comes to getting a replacement car key for when you may lose the only one you have:

  • Time lost for unlocking a vehicle, decoding the car door locks and possibly the ignition switch;
  • Possibly extensive time spent on overriding the system, programming or other services that otherwise would not be needed if a working key would be present. Please read about the Alfa Romeo Vito case example we had and what had to be done to restore the vehicle’s functionality;
  • Possibly replacing unnecessary parts;
  • Possibly not be able to use the vehicle for a few days at best depending on who is the auto locksmith company that is being used. Although, with Car Keys Solutions, you do not have to worry about this. We have a mobile division and our technicians can have you back on the road in no time at all. Our technicians are highly trained and they know their ways around London and the surrounding counties. To top it off, they are equipped to deal with any situations they may find themselves in, therefore they can have the vehicle back on the road 99% of the time within the same day;
  • But, the most important thing of all that can be avoided is to spend or shall we say overspend money if not necessary;
  • Having a spare car key may be a very good option for two people driving the vehicle. Some vehicles will allow multiple settings of the driver seat, mirrors and others. That way, when each driver will get behind the wheel, the settings will restore to their preferences automatically when using the same key as when the settings were set originally.


Is it worth it to have a spare set of keys

So, if one should ask if another set of spare keys are worth spending a little bit of money on? The short of the answer is yes, given what one would stand to go through should the main car key have to be replaced. To have a better view of what the process entails and the steps that need to be followed when the main car key is lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged beyond repair, and no other working key is available please read more on Lost Or Stolen Car Key and Vehicle Security page.

How long does it take to get a spare set of keys

Since it is just a spare, which means a fully functional key is present at the time of the key cutting and transponder chip programming, the process is fairly easy. In other words, a new set of keys is done while you wait.

Who can cut and program spare keys?

We acknowledge that there are many options on the market nowadays. But, the best auto locksmith whether a person or a company would be one that is qualified to perform all tasks that involve car key services has a proven track record which can be demonstrated by feedback received throughout the years of experience and last but not least is equipped with the latest technology. In our experience, the latest equipment has proved time and time again to be essential in performing every task that a car key service requires and not only for newer cars but the older models as well.

Is Car Ker Keys Solutions the auto locksmith company to use?

The answer is yes because Car Keys Solutions has:

  • A proven track record with thousands of feedbacks received from happy customers;
  • Our technicians are trained to deal with any situations that comes their ways;
  • Our technicians are equipped with the latest technology;
  • We have a mobile division, where our technicians can come to wherever the vehicle is located.


Makes and models that we cover

We cover almost all makes and models. Check our list. If it happens that you don’t see yours on it, please call us. As we try to keep our list updated, maybe we missed one or two that we cover.

Areas that we cover

The auto locksmith spare car keys and car keys replacement services are done 365 days a year at our location in East Finchley 142-144 East End Road, London N2 0RZ or through our mobile division. We have several dispatch locations, as we cover all London and the surrounding counties. Please check the list below where our car key replacement services are offered.

  • London Luton Airport;
  • London Heathrow Airport;
  • London Stansted Airport;
  • London Gatwick Airport;
  • London City Airport.

Counties and its towns and cities:

  • East Sussex;
  • West Sussex;
  • Hampshire;
  • Essex;
  • Surrey;
  • Berkshire;
  • Buckinghamshire;
  • Hertfordshire;
  • Middlesex;
  • Kent.

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