Car Key Cutting

When you need a new key for your car – whether you have lost the only key you have, or you need a spare key - Car Keys Solutions provides a fast service for customers across London and surrounding areas.

Trusted, Dependable Car Key Cutting

Our fleet of technicians and specialist equipment mean we can cut you a new key for your vehicle when you need it.

Our technicians can come to you on the roadside when you have an emergency lost or stolen key requirement. Or you can choose to visit our store in East Finchley for immediate service and 10% discount on our standard prices.

Fast Service and Competitive Prices

We can cut new car keys for all makes and model of vehicle – regardless of the vehicle’s age, and can program new car key fobs for electronic vehicle entry systems and keys too.

Contact us now for a quote, or visit us in our East Finchley shop.