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Very pleased with the service. I arrived early but they were able to start work immediately and finished the job quickly. The full functionality of the new key was demonstrated (each button, the keyless aspect, the physical key aspect) so I left fully confident that a good job had been done. The price quoted was better than I was offered at my normal dealership. All in all, highly recommended!
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Are you suffering from a lost or broken Ford key or remote fob? Then look no further!

Car Keys Solutions are one of the leading London car key specialists who aim to provide you with a quick and efficient replacement. We will also ensure same day service, should it be needed, and we’ll travel to you – unlike a dealer.

Which Ford Models’ Car Key Do You Own?

Ford has always been an excellent motor company. Having built vehicles across all ranges, they are prevalent in the UK and have earned themselves the name as the Backbone of Britain. In the mid-1990s, vehicle manufacturers started to use immobiliser systems, and Ford used a selection of different remote and manual keys. 


What Is There To Know About Ford Car Keys?


Key Operation

Old Ford vehicles equipped with immobilisers had a red master key that allowed key programming of another Ford replacement key by a procedure of cycling ignition. All other keys are valet keys, and they were black.

However, more modern systems don’t have a master key, and the only way to create a new Ford key replacement is by diagnostic equipment. 

The Tibbe Ford key style came into circulation during the 1990s and was the shape of an oval with tips. This type of key was used across the full range of Ford cars and vans until it was stopped late 2013 on the Transit Connects.


PATS LED Indicator

The vehicle security system used by Ford is called PATS (Passive Anti-Theft Systems). It integrates several control units that have to be aligned in the programming software for the engine to be able to start.

All Ford vehicles have a PATS LED indicator. When the ignition is switched on, they will brighten for approximately three seconds, and at this time, it runs a self-test. When the PATS system is immobilised, the LEDs will flash quickly, or the light will go out if the test has passed.  


What Ford Car Key Services Do We Provide?


Lost Or Broken Ford Car Key Replacement

If breaking or losing your Ford key, and you’re considering using a main dealer for replacing and programming new ones – think about the cost. You have to tow your vehicle to the dealership before you add the cost of the transponder chip programming, as well as the possible other control units replacement. 

However, if you choose Car Keys Solutions, the car keys specialist, we will be with you on the very same day with our mobile service. We can cut new keys on the spot, and program your Ford replacement key while you wait!


Ford Spare Key

We highly recommend that you have a Ford spare key in case of an emergency. It is the most cost-effective and hassle-free way to prevent getting into trouble when you lose or break your key. We can also create a spare car key on the spot, to give you peace of mind that you’re not going to be away from behind the wheel for very long.


Car Key Programming

In some cases, the remote key or transponder chip can become desynchronised. In this case, ECU installed in the car will not be able to recognise the correct signal will stop the engine from starting or central locking to operate.

If the car won’t start and you believe it is a problem with the key, then it may be that the transponder chip needs re-syncing. Here at Car Keys Solutions, we have the latest dedicated diagnostic and programming equipment to reprogram Ford keys and get them working again.

Before you apply for a brand new set of keys for your car or van, give us a call as we may be able to help and provide a cheaper option!


Car or Van Unlocking

Have you accidentally locked car keys in the boot of your car or the back of your van? Is there something that you’ve left in your locked vehicle that you urgently need to get out? Well, this is more common than you may think!

Car Keys Solutions’ emergency team can be at your side quicker than ever to open your doors. Our auto locksmiths are professionally trained and experienced in the best techniques to get your vehicle doors open quickly and safely with no nicks or dents left behind.


Car Key Repair

Not every key needs replacing after it gets broken. Fixing a broken car key can be just as easy as making a new one. Our skilled Ford auto locksmiths can piece together and fix any broken components at a fraction of the cost of a brand new Ford replacement key. If your key has snapped off in your car door or bent in the ignition, then we can extract it without leaving any damage. We can also repair Ford keys that are sealed when the remote stops functioning.


Door Lock Repair/Ignition Barrel Repair

Maybe it’s not your key that’s broken, and it’s perhaps a lock that’s causing the problem or even the ignition. Thankfully, our experts can identify the problem efficiently and have it fixed in no time. If your key gets stuck in the lock, we can remove it safely and even repair the lock afterwards. Using the best equipment, our highly trained auto locksmiths can get the job done without any fuss.

How Does an Immobiliser Work?

Most vehicles sold in England after 1995 have an immobiliser function, including a transponder chip fitted into a remote key or manual key. As technology has evolved, immobiliser systems are continually changing and becoming more and more complex. 

About 15 years ago, Ford changed the anti-theft system operation. Keys programmed using the fixed transponder code now use a more advanced system of coding with different security code every time the vehicle starts. The coding procedure is known as a rolling code. This will help to keep cars secure and safe from anyone trying to break in with a duplicate key. A control unit operates the security system as a standalone unit or part of another module. The immobiliser ensures that every time a key not programmed to that specific  vehicle is used, the engine will be stopped from starting.

Which Ford Models Do Our Car Key Services Cover?

We cover practically every model of Ford in our car and van key repair and replacement services. With the expert knowledge to know what your car needs, we can repair and replace car keys for:



  • Ford Transit 2006 2014

Ford Transit key 

Here is the blue head remote key fob with a Tibbe blade equipped on the Ford Transit from 2006-2014. Here at Car Keys Solutions, we provide Ford Transit key replacements like this one the same day service. 

Useful tips:

  • If the key remote is not operating, it could be that the remote’s battery has gone down. These types of remotes are sealed and not designed for servicing or battery replacement. The remote battery recharges by being in constant use in the ignition.
  • Over time those types of Ford keys blades begin to wear out, and locks or ignition barrels become hard to turn. Replacing key blade when it starts wearing out, will extend the life of the door barrels and ignition barrel.
  • Activating central locking function by operation of the key in the door barrel over a long time, then the barrel will fail. You should leave the door lock usage only for an emergency alternative to opening the car/van and not for the everyday daily use.



  • Ford Transit Connect 2015 2019
  • Ford Transit 2014 2019
  • Ford Transit Custom 2012 2019

Ford Transit & Transit Custom

This flip remote key fob is equipped on the above models and is an evolution from the old Tibbe key. Here at Car Keys Solutions, we do car key repairs and replace this type of Ford remote key on the same day service.

Useful tips:

  • If your Ford Transit remote is not operating, it could be that remote battery has gone down. Those types of remotes are sealed and not designed for servicing or battery replacement. Here at Car Keys Solutions, we can provide a replacement car key at the same time we repair it.
  • In the case of a no start with an immobiliser active, then you should check the handbook message on your dashboard. The most common reasons for this fault are:
    1. the antenna reader around the ignition barrel may be faulty and fail to read the transponder in the remote key. 
    2. The key may have become defective.
  • The ignition barrel on these Transits can become defective and get jammed, therefore not allowing the remote key to turn. When you need an ignition barrel repaired or replaced, call Car Keys Solutions on 0203 3393 5669. Auto locksmith on same day service, and we stock a wide range of ignition barrels and locks.

When you require a replacement Ford key or Ford auto locksmith service, contact us with your vehicle details, and we’ll get you an exact estimate.


  • Ford Cougar 1998 2000
  • Ford Fiesta 1999 2002
  • Ford Ka 2000 2008
  • Ford Mondeo 1998 2007
  • Ford Puma 1999 2001
  • Ford Street Ka 2002 2005
  • Ford Focus 1998 2005
  • Ford Transit 2000 2006
  • Ford Transit Connect 2002 2007
  • Ford C-max 2003 2008
  • Ford Fiesta 2001 2010
  • Ford Focus 2004 2008
  • Ford Fusion 2001 2012
  • Ford Galaxy 2006 2010
  • Ford Mondeo 2007 2010
  • Ford S-Max 2006 2010
  • Ford Transit Connect 2007 2013
  • Ford Transit Courier 2014 2019


Ford Black Head Tibbe blade

Here is the second generation of Ford remote key fob using the Tibbe blade. This type of key was trendy and used in many cars and vans listed above. It is a stylish evolution from the old square type remote used previously. Here at Car Keys Solutions, we cut keys and program them as this type on the same day service, without exception.

Useful tips:

  • If your remote function has stopped, it could be that the remote battery has gone down. Replacing a remote battery is usually a DIY job, but if you need assistance, then please contact us.


  • Ford C-max 2010 2015
  • Ford Grand C-Max 2010 2018
  • Ford Focus 2011 2018
  • Ford Galaxy 2010 2015
  • Ford Mondeo 2010 2014
  • Ford Transit Connect 2013 2015
  • Ford S-Max 2011 2015


This Ford key fob is on the above models. The only aesthetic difference from the remote key used on the vans is the third remote button has a symbol of the tailgate – a sign of the rear door. We offer Ford key replacement and programming for this type of remote key on the same day service without exception. 


  • Ford B-Max 2012 2017
  • Ford C-max 2003 2010
  • Ford EcoSport 2015 2016
  • Ford Fiesta 2008 2017
  • Ford Focus 2004 2011
  • Ford Galaxy 2006 2015
  • Ford Mondeo 2007 2014
  • Ford S-Max 2006 2015
  • Ford Transit Courier 2014 2016

Here is a banana! Not a real banana, of course, but a Ford remote key banana shape. This remote key was the upgrade from the old Tibbe no flip. There’s more style with this new Ford key, and that’s why it was quite popular in use across most of the ranges.


  • Ford C-max 2007 2010
  • Ford Focus 2007 2011
  • Ford Kuga 2008 2011
  • Ford Mondeo 2007 2007

Now, if the above key was a banana, then this is, even more, a keyless banana! How would that be? Seriously, this key was the first key developed by Ford with a keyless technology and only used for Focus, Mondeo, Kuga, and C-max. If we were to talk about the Ford key replacement cost needed to note this type of key, then it would be one of the most expensive from all of the models. Even now, we don’t see the price coming down. Another different aspect is that the emergency key blade also has an immobiliser chip and can be inserted into an ignition barrel to enable the engine to start.


  • Ford Focus RS 2016 2017
  • Ford B-Max 2012 2016
  • Ford C-max 2010 2016
  • Ford Fiesta 2008 2020
  • Ford Focus 2011 2020
  • Ford Galaxy 2010 2015
  • Ford Grand C-Max 2010 2016
  • Ford Kuga 2011 2016
  • Ford Mondeo 2007 2014
  • Ford S-Max 2010 2015
  • Ford Kuga 2016 2017


It may be that the Ford Key designer liked fruits or that we have a vast imagination, but you can agree the above key looks like a pear. Correct? Well, this Ford smart remote key fob, called pear shape, was equipped on models starting early 2010 up to late 2017 with no difference in the exterior design. However, an internal electronic board and immobiliser transponder has changed over the years. 


  • Ford Mustang 2014 2018
  • Ford Edge 2016 2018
  • Ford Mondeo 2014 2018
  • Ford S-Max 2015 2017
  • Ford Mondeo 2014 2017
  • Ford S-Max 2016 2017


This keyless remote key fob that is equipped on the above models is the second to last type of keyless key used by Ford to date.


  • Ford Edge 2016 2018
  • Ford Galaxy 2017 2018

Here is one of the latest Ford smart remote key fobs that used on the above models, and we’re expecting to see it across other models soon. 

What Should I Do If My Ford Car Key Is Broken Or Lost?

At Car Keys Solutions, we operate several mobile locksmith services units. They are equipped with the highest quality diagnostic equipment to make sure that your car key problems are solved as efficiently as possible. We can supply brand new keys as well as replacements or duplicate Ford keys for all models.

We pride ourselves on providing a cost-effective option for you when it comes to cutting out the expensive high-street showrooms and dealerships. Our excellent auto locksmiths will come to you when you need us seven days/week. We aim to provide you with an efficient service every time anywhere and come straight to you on the very same day!

What Ford Car Key Services Do You Require?

When it comes to getting a replacement car key for your car, turn to Car Keys Solutions! We will make sure to provide you with a cost-effective service, which will save you a lot of money compared to going directly to your nearest Ford dealership.

With our mobile service, we can come to you at best convenient time. We also have an emergency hotline, so you can rest assured that we’re here for you from 8am to 10pm every day. 

We are one of London’s Ford key replacement leading specialists, so make sure to contact us on 0203 393 5669 today!