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When it comes to always be ready to go when duty calls, may mean many things, but among anything else, it will mean having a reliable vehicle that will start every time with no exception. We understand that in this field, reliability is everything. Our commitment at Car Keys Solutions is to ensure that whenever we are called upon, to resolve any car key-related issues, to address it within an hour from the moment the call is placed to us. We know that car keys issues may arise at the most undesired and critical times and sometimes without any prior warnings, like a de-synchronised car key, bad or broken car key, car not unlocking, possibly a bad ignition switch or steering column lock. Also, accidents can happen as well, like losing, misplacing the car keys or worse, having the car keys stolen. Whichever the case may be, rest assured that Car Keys Solutions is your partner and it will do its part to make sure that each mission that healthcare workers like doctors, nurses are set out to do, will get completed without delay. We have the knowledge, we are stocked with a wide range of car keys and parts, and we are in possession of dealership level equipment that will enable us to tackle the jobs on the spot. We have a proven track record of fulfilling every mission we have been tasked within a timely manner. For any questions or inquiries, please send us a message at or call us on 0203 393 5669.