Mercedes Sprinter Steering Lock Fix

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Mercedes Sprinter Steering Lock Fix

Does your Mercedes Sprinter suffer from the following issues?

  • not starting
  • when inserting the key in the ignition switch, it can’t be turned
  • when attempting to turn the ignition on you hear a clicking noise but still can’t turn the key
  • it takes several tries before you can turn the key and have the ignition on
  • the steering wheel is stuck in lock position
  • central locking is not operating from the remote


Models affected: Mercedes Sprinter W906 M.Y. 2006-2013

Common issues: steering column lock faulty or faulty key

As the key and electronic steering column lock are parts operating on every cycle of ignition they will wear out and eventually fail.

What is a steering column lock and how does it work?

Modern vehicles are fitted with an electronic steering lock module which is an anti-theft device. It is fitted along the steering column usually about midway of it. The lock module is controlled by the electronic ignition switch. When the ignition switch module receives the correct identification signal from the key it sends a signal to the electronic lock to unlock the column.

Inside, the lock is engaged and disengaged by a mechanism operated by a tiny electric motor which is part of it. The steering column lock unit is personalised to the vehicle by programming and it can only be done once.

The very first columns locks were completely mechanic operated. General Motors introduced them on many of its products in 1969 drastically reducing thefts of these GM models, and on Ford, Chrysler, and AMC products in 1970

How can we help you:

Here at Car Keys Solutions and OGS Mechanics we have in-house facilities and  mobile mechanic units that can travel to you and have this fault rectified at your location. This way we minimise your inconvenience of not having your van on the road, and we will not require recovery of your Mercedes Sprinter which, in some situations, may be very difficult.

Our mobile units can replace the faulty electronic steering column lock, in many cases on the same day, since we stock brand new genuine locking modules and are able to supply you with a new ignition key.

Call us today to check how we can get you back on the road if your Mercedes Sprinter has a faulty ESL or a faulty key.

P.s Always have a spare car key, it will be very useful when is required and will save you time and money.