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Cat Guard

How does it work?

The Cat Guard has been specifically designed and tested to protect against theft of Catalytic Converters. It provides a heavy-duty shield that is fixed together using shear bolts and mounted to the chassis using high-security stainless steel cables. Precious metals found in the catalytic converter means that these are increasingly targeted by thieves. Commercial vehicles are particularly vulnerable to this attack as some catalytic converters are susceptible to quick and easy removal.


Protect your commercial vehicle today, we can supply only or Supply and Fit

If you are needing to purchase a high volume call us on 0203 393 5669.

Key features

  • Vehicle specific
  • Not suitable for electric or hybrid vehicles
  • Supplied with all required fixings, fittings, and instructions to enable a professional installation
Your van is your reliable workmate on every job! Visiting it often for tools and materials, it’s easy to forget to lock it. Besides, you’re busy; your mind is focused on making the customer happy and your phone keeps ringing. It’s no wonder it sometimes gets overlooked. If you want more information on the best way to secure your van, then please contact our specialist team today.
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