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Factory-installed immobilisers can’t keep your car secure

If you haven't stared disbelievingly at the empty parking space where you'd left your car and felt the shock, anger and guilt that goes with car theft, then you're very lucky - tells us 48,492 other UK car owners felt this way in 2021.

And as for the heartbreak and worry of finding your car broken into and those personal possessions you’d locked inside gone missing – a factory-installed immobiliser wouldn’t have prevented that. Or stopped your car being vandalised.

More than half of all drivers put their faith in nothing more than their car's factory-installed immobiliser system for every aspect of their car’s security. But those systems, and even modern key fobs broadcasting radio signals are far too easy to bypass. And immobilisers do nothing to prevent any thief from physically breaking into a car.



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How to protect your car from both break-in and theft

Is there any way to stop your car being broken into or stolen?

  • Yes – there’s an extremely cost-effective aftermarket alarm system recommended by insurance companies throughout the UK, and they’ll reduce your premium payments once it's installed.
  • But it's up to you to have it installed, and Car Keys Solutions is the company to do that for you - quickly, conveniently and economically.

Introducing the Autowatch 695 CAN Bus Alarm System

So what is this cost-effective aftermarket alarm system? It’s the Autowatch 695 CAN Bus Alarm System, which:

  • Has been awarded the highest grade possible by Thatcham, the vehicle security rating organisation
  • Can be physically installed anywhere within your car, making it practically impossible for thieves to locate and disable
  • Operates without any kind of hackable radio signals
  • Is easy for vehicle owners to program (and re-program)
  • Uses up to six separate sensors to detect any kind of interference with your car
  • Has its own internal battery, so it still operates when the main car battery is disconnected
  • Emits a warning signal at the first detection of interference
  • Emits a much louder klaxon if that interference continues
  • Sends you a text message to warn you that your car is being interfered with

Peace of mind – and reduced premiums

We have installed hundreds of Autowatch 695 systems in all makes and models of private vehicles, saving their owners a fortune in car insurance premiums.

You too can reduce your premium payments and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car is safe from break-in, vandalism and theft when we install your Autowatch 695 CAN Bus Alarm System.

We’re here to help you keep your car secure. Call us today to find out more and book your installation.


The Autowatch 695 CAN Bus Alarm System

Total security Undetectable Unhackable Easily programmed Instant text alerts