The Best Toyota Aygo Key Replacement Service in London

You’ll need a Toyota Aygo replacement key in London if one or both of your existing keys goes missing, breaks or fails to work. There are lots of businesses that will provide the service you need but they all offer variable levels and cost of service.

At Car Keys Solutions, we firmly believe that the service we provide is the fastest, most convenient, professional and the best value you’re likely to find anywhere in London and the surrounding counties. That’s because we have experienced and highly trained technicians using the most modern equipment and we have the commitment to really help our customers. And those customers recommend us and come back to us whenever they need our service because they know they can trust us to get the job done.

How to Get a Replacement Key for your Toyota Aygo?

If you require a replacement key for a Toyota Aygo, there are several options:

  • Car Insurer. Some insurance companies provide cover for lost car keys although this may be an optional and chargeable add-on. If you do have the necessary cover, the claim may affect your no claim bonus and so not be worth it. Additionally, insurers often don’t have the capability to do the job themselves so sub-contract it out to an automotive locksmith such as ourselves.
  • Car Dealer. Your Toyota dealer will be able to provide replacement keys, but this may be a long and expensive process. Most don’t carry key blanks, don’t have specialist equipment and can’t program a Toyota Aygo key fob replacement so have to place an order with the manufacturer or use the services of an automotive locksmith.
  • Vehicle Breakdown Service. If you have roadside assistance, whether through your car insurance or as a separate service you pay for, this may be a possibility. However, the service vehicles may not have the necessary equipment to cut and program a new key and so the process can be slow.
  • Local Garage. This may seem the simplest solution if it’s the place where you take your car for service and repair. However, you are likely to be charged for the use of their diagnostic system and most garages don’t have the necessary equipment.
  • Automotive Locksmith. This is usually the best option by far because an automotive locksmith, such as Car Keys Solutions, has the knowledge, experience and equipment to do the job quickly, efficiently and for the least cost.

A Reliable and Fast Service for Toyota Aygo Key Replacement

Getting a replacement car key can be an expensive business, especially if you don’t have a spare that can be copied. That’s because modern car keys are complex and have to communicate with the car. This means each new key has to be specifically programmed and that’s the expensive part of the process since it takes time and requires the use of specialist equipment.

We aim to make the whole process as simple and inexpensive as possible. That extends to you being able to simply enter your car registration on our website to get an accurate cost for a replacement key. So, if you’ve only got one, don’t risk the expense and inconvenience of losing it by making sure you always have a spare.

Getting locked out of your Toyota Aygo or being unable to start it can be a big problem. But we’ll resolve it by coming out to you and getting you mobile without delay. No matter which car you need key replacements from such as for Vauxhall Combo key replacement, or for Volvo Xc90 key replacements, we can help. So always make sure you have our contact details — you never know when you’ll need us.