Emergency Car Key Replacement London - 0203 393 5669

First of all, let us reassure you, we deal with this kind of situation all the time. We can sort out your problem quickly and efficiently. Call us now on 0203 393 5669 to talk to one of our trained operators, who can talk you through your options and get recovery steps underway.

Key or Fob? – We are an Emergency Car Locksmith in London, we cover both

Losing car keys is not a rare occurrence in and around London. Here at Car Keys Solutions, we help drivers like you every day. The AA has researched this and claims that 16% of all drivers lose their keys on an annual basis. That’s a massive one in seven car owners. Don’t beat yourself up, people are misplacing their keys all the time. So we have a range of different replacement keys from Volkswagen replacement key fobs to your Vauxhall key fobs that's ready to get you out back in to your car quickly.

The transition from metal keys to electronic fobs is gathering momentum as every new design is released. Key fobs are now the standard issue car entry mechanism. There’s an increased level of security that everybody welcomes, making it extremely difficult for opportunist thieves to steal a modern motor vehicle. In addition, the whole experience of locking and opening your vehicle is smoother and automated. Not having to think about it, can be very reassuring and part of the luxury feel of owning a modern car. It’s only when you lose your keys or have them stolen that we think about the problems associated with their loss. Why not put our number in your phone contacts now. That way you’ve got the fourth emergency service ready on speed dial.

Handling Emergency Car Key Replacement is a Focussed Customer Service

Some auto locksmiths in London never handle emergency calls. When they do, they want the business, but don’t necessarily know how to react in a timely and efficient manner. Here at Car Keys Solutions, we are dealing with these dilemmas day in, and day out. Check our reviews across social media and you will find over 8000 positive reviews of our service, reliability and cost effectiveness. We have four operational hubs dotted across the capital and cover the whole of London, including the home counties. We have rapid response mobile teams and over 40 personnel ready to help people like yourself in their times of difficulty.

Call Us Now – We Handle Emergency Car Key Replacement throughout London

If you are in a stressful and difficult emergency, don’t hesitate any longer, call us now on 0203 393 5669.

We have many mobile units, and the chances are one is nearby to your location right now.

If however, your situation does not demand immediate action, then maybe you would like to check us out further on our website. On there you will find an App for a Quick Estimate. Just enter your registration number and let the program give you a price.

Whatever you decide to do, tap our number into your phone’s contact list. You never know when you are going to need us.