Month: June 2020

Aston Martin lost car key

Who to call when Aston Martin car keys are lost   Having the Aston Martin car key lost is nothing to be ashamed of. It is an accident that nowadays happens more often than not. The same goes for misplacing the car keys. Accidents happen all the time and the questions that usually come to…

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Car stolen and recovered

Relay attacks on the rise – what to do, who to call What to do in case of a relay attack occurrence that ultimately results in having the car stolen and subsequently recovered. Well, that was the question that our customer had when its own Mercedes Benz E-Class had been stolen. Fortunately, the vehicle was…

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Van security locks

How secure is your van against theft?   Which van security locks should you have installed on your van? Deadlock or slam lock? While both will offer the same security for your vehicle, they function totally different.   Deadlocks   These are more for tradespeople, to lock up the vehicles overnight as an added security…

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