Aston Martin lost car key

Who to call when Aston Martin car keys are lost


Having the Aston Martin car key lost is nothing to be ashamed of. It is an accident that nowadays happens more often than not. The same goes for misplacing the car keys. Accidents happen all the time and the questions that usually come to mind are what to do next and who to call? To better answer the question, I will point to a few things that most likely in many households these may be facts.


  1. Take for example a dentist. We are not using one every day. But when we do, we have their number and always is the same one. Why is that? Because he is someone that we trust to take good care of our teeth, right?
  2. Family doctor. Again, we’re not using one daily. Every once in a while we go to one, usually the same one. Possibly for years to come. The reason being the same, we trust that particular doctor to take good care of us.
  3. In our household. Unless every household has a knowledgeable plumber, otherwise we would have to rely on one. Surprisingly, a plumber may be a tradesperson that may become accustomed to our home. The reason for that is, that we trust them to take good care of any plumbing issues we may come across over time.
  4. Another tradesperson that we might keep handy is the electrician. For just about the same reason as the ones mentioned earlier.

Now, the answer to the question of who to call in case of an emergency is an auto locksmith company that is well established, trustworthy and capable of finishing the job they have started. Moreover, an auto locksmith company that stays behind their work and fulfils the warranty should ever come to that point.


Car Keys Solutions at the right time, at the right place…


Recently, we have received a call from one of our customers having lost his Aston Martin car keys. The first attempt was to use the main dealer to have the problem addressed. Ordering and receiving the key was as far as he got with the main dealer. He then was further instructed that he may need to seek assistance someplace else to have the key programmed since they were not able to provide the service.

To be fair to this main dealer, most main dealerships were closed during COVID-19 pandemic. With that in mind, they did fail to let him know before placing the order, therefore, having to wait for a car key replacement more than needed.


Starting with our team of advisors and finishing with the team of technicians and anyone else in between, we all understand that time is essential for everybody. With that in mind, when this customer called us we attended his vehicle within an hour, and an hour later he not only had the car key he purchased from the main dealer programmed but also had a spare car key cut and programmed as well.



Main dealer or Car Keys Solutions – Auto Locksmith Company?


I don’t think there is anyone that can contest the main dealer’s quality of service. But the difference starts at the mobile service. The main dealer does not have a mobile fleet to service any car key needs wherever the vehicle may be parked.

Having said that, when a customer chooses to have its own vehicle serviced by the main dealer they will have to add to the cost of the repair, the cost for recovery. The cost for the recovery is never included in the price of the repair unless it has been agreed upon.

To top it off, if there are any parts needed to be replaced, then there will be a few more days delay without the vehicle, which may go on top of the already lost days waiting to book the appointment. Then, there is the price as well.


Car Keys Solutions the auto locksmith company in East Finchley


So to answer the question, Car Keys Solutions, is the auto locksmith company to call for all car key services on 0203 393 5669. We service any vehicle needs at our location at Car Keys Solutions, 142-144 East End Road, London, N2 0RZ.. But, at the same time we perform car key services via our mobile fleet of vehicles in London and all surrounding counties.

We strive for the one hour response time from the moment the call is placed and to have the vehicle back on the road within the same day. We stock many of the parts needed for most of the makes and models, which gives us the upper hand in terms of limiting the amount of time our customers are left without their vehicle. We service most makes and models.

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