Van security locks

How secure is your van against theft?


Which van security locks should you have installed on your van? Deadlock or slam lock? While both will offer the same security for your vehicle, they function totally different.




These are more for tradespeople, to lock up the vehicles overnight as an added security feature.

van security lock-deadlock

The deadlocks are using a key to lock and unlock the deadlock manually, by inserting it into the lock and turning it.


Slam lock


So, if you are more of a courier or a delivery person, the slam locks are most likely the best choice.

van security lock-slamlock

A delivery person or a courier always has its own hands full when delivering, and the slam locks will automatically lock when the doors are closed. With this type of van security lock, a key has to be used every time the door needs to be opened.


Attempt of break-in


Recently, we had a customer returning to our shop to have the vehicle repaired after thieves attempted to break into it.
It goes without saying no vehicle is or will be 100% protected against burglaries unless maybe it is a military vehicle. Thieves will always be thieves, and they will always try to break-in no matter how hard it gets. Of course, what will matter if they are going to be successful in breaking-in into the vehicle is whether or not there are any additional security locks added to the vehicle.

van security lock prevented a break-in attempt

In this particular case, the van was parked on a busy street, but having the security lock in place made it harder for the thieves to gain access and eventually got scared and ran away. Of course, while trying to break-in, they have damaged the van. But, considering the value of the equipment that could’ve been stolen made the little investment in the van security lock worth it even when taking into account the damage done to the vehicle.


Different ways of protection


Having security locks installed on the van would be the first step towards protecting the vehicle. But the protection of the vehicle can be increased when:

  • Parking on busy and lite streets;
  • Never leave expensive tools or equipment in plain sight;
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and be sure to always secure the deadlock or slam lock.

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