Best Anti-theft Devices in 2024

Here are our top 6 Best Anti-theft Devices

Car theft is on the increase and is a serious problem, with 61,106 cars stolen in the UK in 2022, an increase of 26% over the previous year. If you don’t want to be added to these numbers, you need to take action, and quickly.

Some things you can do are fairly simple, like keeping your car in a locked garage, parking in well lit and busy areas, and looking after your keys. However, thieves are becoming more sophisticated so you need to be aware of how they operate and do more to prevent them from being successful. By doing so, you may also get a discount on your car insurance and so save money. Some of the best devices you can use are listed and described next.

1. Steering Wheel or Brake Locks

These are well-established and low-cost devices that are locked to the steering wheel or brake pedal to prevent your car being driven. They are often brightly coloured and very obvious, so they act as a visible deterrent that will put off many thieves. They’re simple to attach and remove, and are an effective solution that remains popular despite being around for many years.

2. Immobiliser

Most modern cars come with a ghost immobiliser installation that will prevent the car from being driven by unauthorised users. However, these are sometimes basic versions and you can vastly improve your car’s security by fitting a better model, such as the Ghost 2 immobiliser that we supply. This is impossible to detect and disarm so is highly effective at preventing theft.

3. Wheel Clamps

These are popular with the police and car park operators to immobilise cars that are parked illegally. However, you can buy versions that you fit and lock around a car wheel so that the car cannot be driven. These are easily fitted and removed, and provide highly visual protection that will deter many thieves.

4. Audible Alarms

Although some people think everyone ignores alarms going off, a car alarm installed is a great deterrent. Thieves like to work undetected, generally targeting cars in quiet and badly lit places. So an alarm sounding will attract unwanted attention that will usually cause them to abandon the attempted theft and find an easier target.

Ghost car alarms are triggered by motion, such as when a window is broken or an attempt is made to forcibly enter the vehicle. Most alarms come with stickers that you can attach to the windows so thieves know an alarm is activated. This will often deter any attempt at a break-in and so avoid damage to your car.

5. Key Protection

Many modern cars have keyless entry, which means the key only needs to be present to open and start the car. However, many thieves now use electronic devices that enable them to intercept and capture a key’s signal so that they can then use it to unlock and drive away the car.

You can protect your key fob by storing it in a pouch, known as a Faraday Bag. This has layers of magnetic material that effectively block the radio signals so that thieves cannot intercept them. The bags are small and light, so they are convenient for everyday use and can also be used to protect credit and debit cards from unauthorised access. For other types of keys, don’t leave them where thieves can steal them.

6. Vehicle Trackers

A GPS tracking device identifies the exact location of your vehicle and so helps to find it if it is stolen. Since an estimated 72% of stolen cars are never recovered, this is an important weapon in the war against vehicle theft. You can also attach to your windows stickers that state a tracker is fitted, which will help to deter thieves since they will know they’re more likely to be caught.

Taking Effective Action

There are other actions you can take, such as always parking in secure and well-lit locations, not leaving your possessions on view when the vehicle is unattended, fitting locking wheel nuts to protect your alloy wheels, having a dash cam with standby mode and having kill switches that shut down the fuel pump or prevent the flow of electricity. However, the main and most effective methods are listed and described earlier.

Car theft is a serious and growing problem, especially in cities like London where thieves are particularly active in certain areas. So it’s important you take effective action and we can help you to do that by advising and fitting the devices that are best for your vehicle. This also applies to van security, especially since the loss of your van or its contents can seriously affect your ability to make a living. So get in touch today for the best advice and equipment for vehicle security.