Car Keys Solutions Reviews ‘The Keyless Protector’

In this video, we review ‘The Keyless Protector’ – a Technology Designed To Prevent Relay Attacks on Cars.

Want to improve the security of your keyless entry vehicle?

Worried about the risk of Relay Attacks?

There’s a new product on the market – The Keyless Protector – that claims to prevent relay attacks.

Criminals are using antenna devices to boost the signal from car key proximity remotes in order to gain access to the vehicles and even drive them away in many cases.

Thieves can pull off a Relay Attack and drive away your vehicle in as little as 30 seconds and the equipment used requires no force of entry and can be bought for very little, making this a very profitable and low risk crime.

In this video, we explain how the technology works – while we don’t sell it at Car Keys Solutions, it’s available online for around £150 and we highly recommend it.

“Relay Attack” – How does it work?

  • Applies to cars equipped with smart keys
  • The theft requires a minimum of two thieves with two suitcases / folders that act as a scanner / amplifier and data receiver / transmitter
  • Suitcases communicate with the car’s key and intercept vehicle’s opening signal and start the engine. It does not matter where the key is located; if it is inside the building, e.g. home, office, or is in the owner’s pocket or purse, it is possible to capture signal through the scanner / amplifier even from a distance of 8 metres from the key
  • The amplification of the signal is so strong that it is possible to transfer it to the second receiver / transmitter next to the car for distances up to 800 metres! The car “thinks” that the owner opens the original key
  • All car brands equipped with a keyless system are exposed to this type of theft

“The Keyless Protector” – How does it work?

  • Keyless protector can easily protect against relay attacks.
  • The advanced technology, ultra-thin circuit board wraps around vehicle’s remote key battery and works automatically.
  • The Keyless Protector detects when your key is not in use and blocks the signal, stopping criminals from using it to steal your car.
  • To reactivate the key all, that’s needed is a double tap either in your pocket or bag.
  • Once activated all vehicle functionality resumes, including keyless entry and Start/Stop Keyless ignition.
  • The keyless protector is designed to keep all the convenience of keyless technologies but eliminate the relay attack risks that come with it.