Car Keys Solutions Now Offering Van Security and Locksmith Solutions

We are pleased to now offer customers a range of specialist products, services and solutions for vans and commercial and trade vehicles.

Securing Your Workhorse: Car Keys Solutions’ Leap into Van Security Systems. When Car Keys Solutions first revved its engines, the road ahead was clear: to deliver a solution to a glaring void in the automotive market – replacement car keys. Little did we know, the drive to excellence would lead us down a less travelled road, where we would ally with leading brands to introduce a new dimension of security, especially catering to the hardworking, often overlooked yet crucial member of the commercial fleet – the trusty van. Understanding that a van is more than just a vehicle; it’s a mobile warehouse, a craftsman’s toolkit, and an entrepreneur’s office all rolled into one, Car Keys Solutions has evolved to become a bastion of protection for these road warriors. As we cushion your valuables with enhanced safety, let’s delve into the robust portfolio of van Security lock installations we now proudly offer van security services, out of which we highlight the following:

Van Deadlocks & Slam Locks: Your First Line of Defense. Starting with deadlock and slam lock installations, we offer fortified barriers against break-ins. Deadlocks act as an independent bolt that cannot be retracted by force when engaged. Working in tandem, slam locks ensure that your van’s doors lock automatically every time they shut – meaning security is continuous and non-negotiable.

Vehicle Protection Plates: The Shield Against Intrusion. Vehicle protection plates have taken a front seat in our service offerings to thicken your van’s armour further. Resilient and astoundingly robust, these plates are the physical barrier deterring those with prying intentions and serve as the bane of any attempted forced entry through a vehicle’s most vulnerable points.

Lock Ignition Barrels & Replacement Upgrades: Subtle Yet Strong. Key-based or locks getting rusty? Our lock barrel replacement services come into play here. By upgrading to high-security barrels, we reassess your van’s weakest links, transforming them into fortresses of security that leave thieves with no choice but to walk away.

Catalytic Converter Protectors: The Hidden Treasure Guardians. With increased incidents of catalytic converter thefts, safeguarding this precious component is no longer an option but a necessity. Our top-range catalytic converter protectors are crafted to thwart thieves scavenging for your vehicle’s valuable metals.

Ignition Protectors: Because we understand that a van’s ignition system is the heart of its operation, we extend our service to include ignition protectors. This ensures that starting your vehicle stays in your control, impervious to the manipulative tools of the unauthorised user.

Spare Wheel Protector – the ultimate solution for safeguarding your van’s spare wheel. In van security, protecting every asset is crucial, and our protector is designed to ensure that your spare tire remains secure under all circumstances.

As we journey into this new chapter at Car Keys Solutions, our commitment remains unchanged: to secure your peace of mind on the roads. Partnering with leading brands galvanises our vision to serve as a necessity and anticipate and innovate in response to the silent pleas for greater security. With Car Keys Solutions, your trusty stead won’t just be another van in the lot. It’ll be a mobile fortress, impregnable and reliable, allowing you to focus on the workday, assured that each tool and commodity rests in a vault on wheels. Our services are now a pledge to watch over these unsung heroes of the trade every mile of the way. Let’s embark on this secured journey together, ensuring your van is as resilient and steadfast as the spirit that drives it.

Our services and solutions are designed to deter thieves and minimise the risk of van break-ins and theft. Extra security locks and mechanisms for vans include:

• Deadlocks
• Slam Locks
• Vehicle Specific Protection Plates
• Externally Mounted Locking Applications
• Replacement locks with anti-pick cylinders
• Lock Barrel Replacement and Repair

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