Insane Costs Of Range Rover Insurance In London – £38,000?

The issue of Range Rovers being increasingly difficult to insure, particularly in London, is rooted in the high theft rates of these vehicles. Range Rovers have become a prime target for thieves, leading to soaring insurance premiums and some insurers outright refusing to cover them. This trend is primarily due to the vehicle’s popularity in the UK and abroad, making it highly desirable for organised criminal activities.

The insurance difficulties for Range Rover owners have led to significant changes in the market. For instance, insurance quotes for Range Rovers in London have been found to be exceptionally high, with some insurers quoting premiums as steep as £20,000 to £38,000. In extreme cases, there have been reports of insurance companies being unwilling to provide coverage for new Range Rover models at all.

To address these challenges, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Group has taken proactive steps by offering bespoke insurance solutions through Land Rover Insurance. This initiative follows a £10 million investment in vehicle security to reduce keyless thefts. JLR’s insurance solution provides a fully comprehensive, flexible monthly subscription model managed online.


This service is not only limited to Range Rovers but also extends to other models like Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar vehicles. Since its introduction, JLR has provided quotes to over 4,000 clients, with an average monthly premium of less than £200. This service is a response to the increased thefts and challenges in obtaining insurance coverage, reflecting JLR’s commitment to enhancing vehicle security and offering viable insurance options to their clients.

Furthermore, JLR has been investing in and updating its vehicle security technology. For instance, vehicles manufactured from 2022 onwards are built on JLR’s most advanced electrical architecture, significantly reducing the risk of theft. This includes the deployment of technology to prevent the Body Control Module (BCM) keyless theft method. JLR was also the first manufacturer to develop and roll out Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) protection to counter the ‘relay’ theft method, a common tactic where criminals intercept signals between the vehicle and key to unlock the car.

These measures by JLR indicate a strong commitment to tackling the insurance and security challenges Range Rover owners face. However, the situation underscores the importance of vehicle security for Range Rover owners and highlights the need for comprehensive solutions to address the high theft rates and associated insurance challenges.

In summary, the difficulties in insuring Range Rovers in certain areas, particularly London, have prompted JLR to offer its own insurance solutions, emphasising the need for improved vehicle security measures. This development could influence the sales of new Range Rover cars as prospective buyers consider the insurance implications of owning such a vehicle.

In conclusion, while the new Range Rover models are more secure, the ongoing threat of thefts and the resultant insurance challenges highlight the importance of additional aftermarket security measures for Range Rover owners. Even with improved security features, the need for enhanced protection remains critical to ensure the safety and security of these vehicles. Owners must be vigilant and consider all available options to protect their investments – including ghost immobilisers, acknowledging that while JLR is taking steps to improve security and offer insurance solutions, additional measures can provide further peace of mind.