The Importance of Having Your Vehicle Protected with Starline S9 V2


Welcome to the ultimate destination for top-notch vehicle security. Your vehicle isn't just a means of transportation; it's an integral part of your daily life and a substantial investment. Protecting it is not merely important; it's imperative!

The Smart Security and Telematic Complex StarLine S9 is the key to your peace of mind, shielding your car from potential theft and damage. The installation is carried out only by authorised technicians who have passed special training and certification. This cutting-edge technology can not only save you from potential threats but also elevate the overall safety of your vehicle.


Vehicle theft and break-ins are a constant concern for every car owner, resulting in financial losses, emotional stress and inconvenience. Our reliable StarLine vehicle alarm system provides proactive security to deter thieves. It warns you of breaches, significantly reducing the risk of theft, damage and vandalism, offering an effective solution to this pervasive problem.



Even if the owner's original vehicle key and the security complex authorisation TAG are taken away, the digital and analogue engine lock and the bonnet locks will remain active until the personal PIN code is entered via the original vehicle buttons. The PIN code can only be set and changed by the owner!

When an attempt is made to hijack the car, the intelligent iCAN technology is safe for the standard electronics. It imperceptibly prevents the intruder from travelling by blocking the engine via the digital bus. Security is achieved by stopping the engine in normal mode.

Intelligent blocking occurs without interference for automatic engine start-up, thanks to the integrated speed sensor.



The keyless entry system, also known as Keyless-Go in most of the latest generation of vehicles, allows access by opening the vehicle and disarming the standard anti-theft device without pressing the button on the standard remote control. Thanks to the Keyless-Go function, daily use of the vehicle becomes very comfortable. However, this system is very vulnerable as its frequency can easily be re-transmitted, allowing bad guys to gain complete possession of your vehicle.



Even in the event of a robbery, special engine-blocking technology via the Starline app will ensure the safe stopping and safety of your car, as well as the safety of other road users.

Thanks to the StarLine security complex, it is possible to create the Keyless lock via CAN or analogue, which completely deactivates this function if the owner's TAG or smartphone is not detected. This guarantees anti-transmission protection, and the use of the Keyless-Go system remains as comfortable as before.

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Reliable car security and telematics system with intelligent remote start, integrated GSM interface, authorisation with Bluetooth Smart technology, and quick and convenient installation in modern cars with CAN and LIN digital buses.


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Authorisation With Bluetooth Smart

  • To start driving owners should pass authorisation by small wireless tag or smartphone with Starline mobile app (available for iOS & Android smartphones Bluetooth 4.2 & above
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Keyless Access Protection

  • StarLine intelligent protection will block unauthorised attempts to disarm factory security & open car by hacking original keyless access systems. Blocking is activated when tag or registered smartphone is out of preset detection area.
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Invisible Engine Blocking

  • Unique patented iCAN technology guarantees reliable protection by hidden engine blocking through a factory digital CAN or LIN bus
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  • Even if car is carjacked with stolen car keys, StarLine remote & tag, it is still possible to stop the car with command from smartphone. The engine will be stopped with smart algorithm at a safe speed. StarLine can also protect you from robbery in a trip if you activated anti-hijack mode by tag loss
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Smart 3D Sensor

  • Smart 3D control with remote settings registers shocks, car jacking-up, evacuation and evaluates driving style safety
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Super Slave

  • Control over car security with factory remote & reliable additional authorisation with wireless tag or smartphone with the Starline Mobile App
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Pin-Code Authorisation

  • Additional authorisation provides reliable protection against hijacking, enhancing security functions of factory car alarms. Trip is allowed only after entering an individual PIN-code with car original buttons
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Record Energy Efficiency

  • StarLine guarantees low energy consumption, saving sufficient car battery charge up to 60 days in arm mode due to patended progressive technologies and firmware solutions
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Extended Temperature Range

  • Due to high quality components StarLine security-telematic systems stably operate in sever climatic conditions at temperates frum -40 to +85 degrees celsius

Convenient Service

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  • GSM interface allows control over all secure and service functions, receive alarm status alerts to mobile phone & StarLine Mobile App
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  • Bluetooth Smart provides reliable control over car security and service functions from your smartphone even out of GSM network (available for iOS & Android smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2 & above as well as the Starline Mobile App
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  • Monitor your vehicle location with up to a few meters accuracy at the free and easy website or Starline Mobile App
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  • 2CAN + 2LIN interface provides easy, convenient & safe installation of StarLine security system to modern cars with CAN & LIN bus
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  • Intelligent remote & automatic enginge start at a determined temperature, time, weekday or by battery voltage
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  • StarLine extends turbocharged engine life by proper turbine cooling after a trip
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  • Save money on purchasing an additional bypass module or duplicate key to implement remote engine start on CAN & LIN equipped cars
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  • Control over Webasto, Eberspacher preheaters by GSM interface with SMS or StarLine Mobile App
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  • Programmable channels with flexible logic settings for extended vehicle security & comfort functions

Starline S9 V2 Features

Arming & Disarming

Vehicle Location

Remote Engine Start & Stop

Visual Indication of Statuses: SIM Signal, Battery Charge...

Every Day The Car Is In Detail

Heating Control Via "Webasto" or "Eberspächer"

Finding A Car In A Parking Lot

Engine Blocking, "Anti-Robbery" Mode

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  • Factory key
  • Bluetooth driver ID tag
  • [2 pcs included]
  • StarLine Key (Bluetooth smartphone app.)
  • PIN code on dash buttons*
  • GSM (phone calls, text messages)
  • Online server (
  • StarLine-2 (GSM smartphone app.)
  • [works without distance limitations]


  • 2G or 2G+3G GSM modem
  • Full-spec alarm system
  • Integration with the factory key
  • Military-grade encryption (unhackable)
  • 2-way communication (GSM)
  • External siren + upgrade horn
  • Full perimeter control
  • [all doors, boot, bonnet]
  • Built-in shock/tilt/motion sensors
  • [the end-user can adjust sensor sensitivity at any time post-installation]
  • Digital CANBUS immobiliser (iCAN)*
  • Up to 5 wireless immobilisation points**
  • Remote immobilisation on-demand*
  • Programmable anti-hijack possible
  • Digital remote start (iKey) possible
  • Dash-cam integration**
  • FlexibleLogic™
  • One-touch maintenance mode
  • Emergency deactivation


  • Adding a GPS-GLONASS receiver to the system will unlock access to StarLine’s Connected Cars network and add the following features to the package:
  • High-precision location detection
  • Subscription-free LIVE tracking
  • Detailed travel histories
  • Geofence settings
  • Mileage and fuel level monitoring*
  • Driving style and quality evaluation
  • * Feature is vehicle-specific.
  • ** Feature an optional extra.


  • Communication via calls and SMS
  • Free smartphone app. (iOS/Android)
  • Access to cloud service via browser
  • No distance limitations
  • Remote access to system settings
  • Instant notification of any security breach
  • Real-time status updates
  • Custom notifications
  • Error code and service message detection and owner notification (remote diagnostics)*

Peace of mind – and reduced premiums

We have installed hundreds of StarLine systems in private and commercial vehicles, saving their owners a fortune in insurance premiums.

You too can reduce your premium payments and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vehicle is completely protected when our trained and qualified technicians install your StarLine S9 Series Security System.

We’re here to help you keep your vehicle safe and secure. Call us today to discuss which model of the StarLine S9 Series is best for your needs and book your installation.


The StarLine S9 Series

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