Need a Replacement Key for Your Ford Transit?

The Ford Transit is the all-time great British workhorse. It’s the best-selling van in the UK by a long way but if you’ve got no keys, then the chances are this could get expensive and damage your business. If you are looking for a replacement Ford Transit key, we are the UK’s most trusted and reviewed auto locksmith and we’re ready to spring into action to help you. Amazingly, on their website the AA (Automobile Association) states that 16% of car owners lose their keys on an annual basis. That’s a massive 1 in 7 people thrown into panic and expense every year. The numbers are enormous when you consider there are nearly 40m cars on the UK’s roads; it's about 17,000 keys lost per day in the UK.

Ford Transit Replacement Keys Through Reputable Authorised Technicians

Modern keys for motor vehicles are quite sophisticated pieces of kit. They can’t be reproduced by your average key cutter and need to be programmed by authorised dealers. The software that has been developed requires user identification and each new coding is registered to increase security and prevent cloning. It is a specialist area and only correctly trained and qualified personnel are permitted to activate a new Ford Transit replacement key. Car Keys Solutions have been market leaders in and around London since 2014. All our engineers are trained to the highest standard. The company’s roots are in motorsport, with the founder of the business being a former technician for a world championship rally team. This type of disciplined environment is reproduced in all the operational procedures adopted by the business. It makes us competent, efficient and valuable to our customers.

Call now on 0203 393 5669 for Ford Transit Replacement Key

If you need this key loss attended to immediately, then you need to give us a call now. We have four operational hubs throughout London and have over 40 personnel operating at these locations and through a fleet of mobile units. We’ve got somebody close to you and can get you out of your predicament in double-quick time.

We understand the need for rapid response and have built a customer service approach based on quick solutions because we know your Ford Transit replacement key needs to be sorted immediately before it starts costing money.

If you need some reassurance, check out a few of our 8000+ reviews. They are spread across a few different platforms, but we’re talked about quite a lot in a 5-star positive manner.

Get Yourself a Quote of Replacement Key for Ford Transit. You Can Even Do It Online

If you are not in such a hurry to get this problem sorted, then maybe you would want to get yourself a quote. We have a magic little program here on the website, which produces a quick estimate through your vehicle registration number. Your Ford Transit replacement key can be on its way to you today if you act quickly. Don’t delay and we’ll be on our way. No matter what the problem is such as installing van alarm systems, or if you need emergency car key replacements, we can help.