BMW 3 Series Key Replacement is Our Speciality – Exclusive Service to London

It seems that losing your keys is something that people repeatedly do. Many of us do not learn from the experience and an alarming number of us simply go on and do it again. Figures published by the AA on their website declare that one in seven of us loses our keys every year. It equates to around 17,500 lost, misplaced or stolen every day. Many of us have a second set we can get our hands on quickly but at some time you’ll need to replace those lost keys. Fortunately, if you drive a BMW 3 series, key replacement is relatively easy, once you call Car Keys Solutions.

We Are the UK’s Most Trusted Car Locksmith and We Have Your New BMW 3 Series Key

With the emergence of new security electronics in car key fobs, keys have changed beyond all recognition. Key coding requires layers of security authorisation and uses protected software and computer programming to protect you and your prized asset. Market place key cutters just can’t handle this type of programming and the job has now been passed on to trained and registered technicians. Car Keys Solutions are RAC authorised, which means we only employ fully qualified personnel to work on replacing our client’s car keys. We have been building our business in and around London since 2014 and now have 4 control stations, strategically placed to cover all of London and the surrounding counties.

We Have Rapid Reaction Teams to Handle Emergencies

We get a lot of emergency situations through our switchboard. If your BMW 3 series key loss is putting you in a difficult situation, then you need to contact us straight away and get the job underway. We know how stressful your situation could be. We have had clients stuck in car parks about to be locked up and even lost keys on motorways. It’s amazing how people manage to lose them.

Coming from a motorsport background the company founder brought with him a rapid response ethos, which shows in our customer service approach. We know speed and action are important and reassuring and so our auto Locksmiths instil this in all our employees. The result is a greatly respected business. Check out our online reviews, we have over 8000 of them, echoing trust and satisfaction.

Get Your BMW 3 Series Key Replacement Underway Today – Give Us A Call

If you need immediate assistance, call us now on 0203 393 5669 and we’ll get a mobile unit allocated to assist you. If you have a bit more time and your situation is not so urgent or you simply want to order an extra key, then maybe you would like to take a quote from our online App. It’s on our website and requires your registration number to process the request. You’ll find our services are reasonably priced and provide a quick solution to your stressful problem. If you're ever in need of an emergency car key replacement, or if you need car ghost immobilisers installed, we can help. So always make sure you have our contact details — you never know when you’ll need a "car locksmith near me".