Meet the team behind the scenes

It is about time that we introduce our team

We think that it is about time that we make our team known to the public and so every one of our customers new or returning know who they are talking with when visiting us. But, in all honesty, we also wanted to recognise our team’s effort in growing Car Keys Solutions into what it is today. There are going to be a series of blog articles where we are going to present our team in our shop in the beginning. After that, I will be with each technician for a week, observing what they do, how they do it and overall what their day in the field is about. At the end of each week, there will be an article for and about each individual technician.

Today is going to be all about the team at East Finchley shop

The team here is responsible for greeting every customer into our shop, to repairing car keys, to booking and dispatching our mobile technicians. I mean, this is the short version of what is really happening in our shop. Because in reality, there is so much more than that. When you walk into our shop, you will be greeted by our receptionist Roxana. From here on, depending on the car key needs, you may get to meet the rest of the team. That is because, at our location in East Finchley, we also do car key repairs, whether for vehicles that are brought here or for our online shop, car key replacement, install deadlocks, slam locks for vans for improved security against theft, cutting car keys and programming car keys. About the online shop, we will talk a little bit later. So, without further ado, here is our entire team at Car Keys Solutions at East Finchley location.

Ovidiu Cucu

At the time of writing this article, Ovidiu, aka Nick, was on vacation. Now that he is back here is what he told me when asked several questions about how and when and why his collaboration with Car Keys Solutions came about. “ I have started working with Car Keys Solutions back in June of 2017 as office manager. But the experience with the management at Car Keys Solutions started years back as a customer at OGS Mechanics in North Finchley, which over time grew to more of a friendship relationship”. When asked why he chose Car Keys Solutions, Nick responded, “I was impressed with the approach and the mindset of the management towards the quality of the work being done, dealing with customers and interaction with my future colleagues, to such extent that part of me wanted to be part of this organisation as well. Beyond that, I knew that the work was going to be challenging given the vast information I would have to absorb in a short period of time to be able to do my job but I was up for it. Combining that with my passion for cars, I think I have had my perfect recipe for success from the beginning”. On the last of my questions about his vision for Car Keys Solutions, from a manager point of view, Nick said, “ Car Keys Solutions has a very high potential of expanding. The company grew considerably in the last few years and as a manager, I will see to it that I continue to do my part and be part of the organisation during the continued expansion”. Nick, thank you for your time and wish you all the best and much success in achieving your goals!

Roxana Flutur

Roxana joined our company in February of 2019. Before she came to work for Car Keys Solutions, she has worked for a construction company as an office administrator, which is her current position with our company. When she was asked about what she likes working at Car Keys Solutions, her response was “ A young management and co-workers team that are all success-driven. I think there is also mutual respect between all of us and we help each other out. I guess that makes us a well-established team.”

Marian Delcea

Marian, aka Minel, has joined Car keys Solutions in September 2019. Before he joined Car Keys Solutions, he owned a small auto shop in his home country. His current position with Car Keys Solutions is a car key repair technician. He is responsible for repairing the car keys when possible. The repairs apply for the online orders and the in house walk-in or booked customers. His prior automotive experience gives him the ability to be efficient in his work and be a problem solver at the same time. When asked to name one thing that he likes about working at Car Keys Solutions, his answer was “ The team. We are all young and eager to accrue as much knowledge as we can. We are all aware that knowledge and experience make us the best in the field.

Gabi Malcasian

Gabi is our newest team member. He joined us in June 2020. Prior to taking on the new position with Car Keys Solutions, Gabi has worked a few other jobs since he came to the UK such as driver, phone repair and a few others. “But none of those jobs felt as if it was meant for me, as it is my current position at Car Keys Solutions as car key repair technician. My current position is, at times, challenging, but that is because there is no routine in my daily activity. No two keys are the same every day, and the repairs that need to be done are always different, which almost always requires a different approach.” We are wishing him all the best in his new role with our company.

Marius Nutu

Marius, aka Frodo, has joined Car Keys Solutions in January of 2019. Prior to joining Car Keys Solutions, Marius has worked at OGS Mechanics. “The current position as Sales Advisor fits me well given my prior experience gained at OGS Mechanics in car repairs and the prior experience in sales. Talking to people, scheduling the technicians in the field by assigning the jobs is what I enjoy doing when working at Car Keys Solutions. Another reason why I enjoy working here is that almost the entire team of sales advisors is made up of friends that we’ve known each other ever since we were little. So, work hard, play hard is what we do.

Ionut Calota

Ionut, aka David, has started in his new role as a sales advisor at Car Keys Solutions in July of 2020. Before joining our company, David has worked as a bartender – mixologist. While this position at Car Keys Solutions is new for David, he is catching up fast with what the job is about and enjoying the time here too. According to David “the best part about working here, is that I am part of a team of friends that I grew up with, and as Frodo said, we work hard and play hard” Good luck David, and we wish you all the best.

Adrian Vega

Adrian joined Car Keys Solutions in March of 2018 as a sales advisor. Before joining our company, Adrian worked as a farm manager assistant. ‘The former job had its perks, but there was something missing, in terms of developing new skills. When the opportunity of working at Car Keys Solutions presented itself, I took it. And I am glad I did. My motivation was to improve my social and sales skills. At Car Keys Solutions I got that and the chance of working with people that I have known for almost my entire life” Adrian, we are glad that you are part of our organisation too.

Tudor Baciu

Tudor, aka Mojo, joined Car Keys Solutions’ team of sales advisors in September of 2018. Prior to taking on the current role, Mojo has worked in sales-coach- trainer of digital products. Why the change? “The chance of working in a younger company, a young team of people that are success-driven and the opportunity to be working with people that I’ve since primary school. Tudor, like every other sales advisor, is a person that cares about the job and goes the extra mile to ensure that our customers are taken care of in due time.

Ionut Catrinoiu

Ionut, aka Catri, joined our team at Car Keys Solutions in July 2019. Before starting in the new role, Catri has worked as a support worker for people with disabilities “ Knowing that I was able to make a difference in people’s lives, makes me feel good. But, like everyone else, there comes a time to move on. For me, that time was when I realised that I want to learn new things. Car Keys Solutions gave me that when I took on the role of sales advisor. Car keys today are just a simple gadget, or so I thought, but there is a lot of technology deployed into them, and without that simple gadget, a car won’t start. I found that to be intriguing and ever since I started working here I have learned a lot and continue to learn as the industry is evolving”

Final thought

The team at Car Keys Solutions, whether the sales advisors, the in-house repair technicians or the technicians in the field, they all are well-trained to be efficient in their daily tasks, to abide by the company’s policies and procedures.

car-keyssolutions-sales-team-at work

Part of their training is as well to be COVID-19 compliance. We take our customers and our team member’s safety and health very seriously. So, when you’re coming in contact with us, you can rest assured that you would be dealing with professionals and that for any car key issues you may have, they’re going to be dealt with safely and professionally. We strive to have all vehicles we are servicing on any given day, running again the same day.


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