Types of Car Tracker Products: A Comprehensive Guide

Car Trackers: A Detailed Insight

Vehicle tracking has become increasingly crucial in today’s fast-paced world. Whether it’s for personal use, ensuring the safety and security of one’s vehicle, meeting insurance requirements, or fulfilling work mandates, vehicle tracking offers myriad benefits. One of the premier names in the realm of vehicle tracking solutions is Car Key Solutions. We are auto locksmiths and expert installers of an extensive range of top-notch trackers. Let’s delve deeper into their product range and understand the significance of car trackers.

Thatcham Approved Trackers

Thatcham Research is a renowned entity that assesses and certifies vehicle security products. When a product carries the Thatcham stamp of approval, it is a testament to its quality and reliability. There are a few different types of categories of trackers, out of which the most popular are below:


  • The Cat5 is a top-tier vehicle tracking system renowned for its precision and range of functionalities. Geo-fence zones and battery backup ensure the vehicle’s whereabouts are always known, even if the primary power source is compromised. Depending on the insurance company, it can be a requirement to have a CAT5 tracker installed before they will insure a vehicle.


  • Description: Building on the features of the Cat5, the Cat5+ offers enhanced functionalities. It offers features like remote engine immobilisation, making it an effective deterrent against theft.
  • Importance: It’s often an insurance requirement for high-end and luxury vehicles to have a Cat5 tracker installed, as they are considered prime targets for theft.


  • Description: This is a more basic tracker compared to the Cat5 series but is robust and efficient. It offers essential tracking functions and is well-suited for personal cars and smaller commercial vehicles.
  • Importance: Its affordability and efficiency make it a preferred choice for those looking for quality without the premium price tag.
  • It’s a favourite among businesses and fleet managers who need granular details about the vehicle’s movements and status.

Metatrack Products

  • Car Key Solutions also offers Metatrack’s elite range of vehicle trackers. Known for their advanced technology and precision, Metatrack products are a reliable choice for anyone seeking comprehensive vehicle tracking solutions.

Starline Stacker M66

  • Description: The Starline Stacker M66 is a state-of-the-art car tracker. Its real-time tracking capabilities, extensive coverage, and cutting-edge anti-theft features ensure that your vehicle remains under constant surveillance.
  • Importance: Its diverse functionalities make it suitable for personal and professional fleet management. Businesses, in particular, find its features useful for real-time fleet monitoring & for added security an van alarm system.

Why Are Car Trackers Essential?

  1. Insurance Requirement: Many insurance providers now mandate the installation of approved car trackers, especially for luxury vehicles, ensuring lower premiums and better claim processes.
  2. Work Requirement: For businesses with a fleet of vehicles, trackers & ensure efficient route planning, monitor driver behaviour, and improve overall logistics.
  3. Security: A car tracker in combination with a ghost 2 immobiliser can drastically improve the odds of swift recovery in case of vehicle theft.
  4. Peace of Mind: Knowing the whereabouts of one’s vehicle, whether it’s with a family member or parked in a large lot, always offers a sense of security and relief.

In conclusion, a car tracker is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. As thefts become more sophisticated, so should our defences against them. And when you have trusted names like Car Key Solutions offering a wide array of tracking products, you’re not just investing in a device but a promise of security and peace of mind.