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VOLKSWAGEN Passat (2005-2011) Steering Column Lock problems

Volkswagen Passat steering column lock images:






One of the most common failures on VW Passat years 2005-2011 is the Steering Column Lock. Some of the symptoms displayed before it fails completely can range from several attempts to start the vehicle to display a warning light in the dashboard like this one:
vw steering column lock warning light
A failing steering column lock also referred to as ESCL can mean that the vehicle can not be driven.


The steering column lock location on the steering column






Q: How does the steering lock work?

A: When entering the vehicle and the key receiver signal or key reader signal has received correct identification, the ESCL automatically disengages, enabling free turn of the steering wheel. When leaving the vehicle with the right identification key and a disengaged engine, the ESCL automatically locks the VW Passat steering column.

Q: How to unlock a VW Passat steering wheel?

A: The VW Passat steering wheel can be unlocked by jiggling the ignition switch while slowly turning the wheel left and right. Caution should be used when trying to start the car. The reason is, if after a few slow turns of the wheel while trying to start the car it does not unlock the wheel, chances are that the steering column lock is now locked and may need to be serviced. Forcing the key into the ignition switch when trying to start the car may cause the key to break.

In the video below, you can see how a VW Passat steering column lock is repaired.



What can you do if you have these problems?


In this case, Car Keys Solutions and O.G.S. Mechanics are your most trusted partners that you should contact. With their teams of technicians and fleets of vehicles equipped with all the necessary sophisticated equipment needed to diagnose, replace the faulty ESCL module and reprogram if necessary, are ready to assist you, whether be it that you are on the side of the road, at home or you can come at our shop in East Finchley. We are serving London and the surrounding counties. For more information, you can call us on 0203 393 5669 or 0203 627 1771.

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