3 Ways to Vex Vehicle Thieves

With vehicle break-ins on the increase particularly in densely populated areas like London and the South East, we’re sharing 3 deterrents you may wish to consider.

Whether you own one van or a fleet of vehicles, you can take steps to add extra layers of security to make it harder for criminals and easier for yourself. A van with basic locks and security systems is a gift to unscrupulous crooks who will actively seek out the simplest target.

Car Keys Solutions have been providing effective methods of auto security since 2012 and it matters to us. Having fallen victim to smashed windscreens and crude attempts of forced entry on our fleet, we understand how disruptive it is to business and customers. That’s without factoring in the cost in terms of lost time, work and property. Slow them down and cause them a great inconvenience!

#1 Slam Locks

Your van is your reliable workmate on every job! Visiting it often for tools and materials, it’s easy to forget to lock it. Besides, you’re busy; your mind is focused on making the customer happy and your phone keeps ringing. It’s no wonder it sometimes gets overlooked.

The benefit of slam locks is they automatically lock your vehicle on door closure, preventing access to anyone without the correct security key. This is a great solution for tradespeople with top-rated equipment, material reserves on board and time-sensitive schedules.

#2 Deadlocks

A practical occasional security option, deadlocks add another troublesome stoppage to van door access when required. The bolt locking device is fitted into the body of the vehicle and operated by a unique key. Completely independent of automatic systems, this manual method is often chosen for additional locking.

When the van is empty for example, it’s unlikely you’ll utilise a deadlock, but fully loaded? Also, a remedy for shared vehicles, with more than one set of auto keys is in circulation and an extra physical barrier for periods of long term parking.

#3 Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost Immobiliser is a discreet installation connected through existing buttons on the steering wheel, centre console or door panel, giving no clue it’s there. No warning flashing LEDs to alert criminals puts you at a distinct advantage.

Enter your unique PIN to allow the engine to start or pair via Bluetooth to a fully encrypted App on your iPhone. As long as the device is recognised by the hardware, there’s no need to enter the PIN every time. Only one authorised connection is possible for each system, so there can be no mistake!

If you suspect someone knows the code, it’s simple to change. How satisfying to know even if towed away, the thieves couldn’t drive it! Watch this short film to learn more.

 Van Security Ideas? Van Security Locks? Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser prevent vehicle crime!

These are by no means all your options, rather an introduction to possibilities you may not have considered and food for serious thought for anyone with a business and workforce to protect.

Studies show that someone is a victim of a van break-in approximately every 23 minutes in the United Kingdom, but rest assured, no matter what make, model or size of the fleet we’ll have a high-quality security solution to suit you. Feel free to ask questions – we’re happy to talk you through everything.

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