What van security locks should I use?

Having your van broken into or stolen can be a nightmare. Not only does this cause the strain of dealing with insurers and police, but can mean days – or even weeks – of missing work as you go through the trouble of replacement tools and equipment.

“No tools left in this van”

How many vans have you seen with this message on the rear? More than we guess! On the face of it, this can look like a tiny clichè. Still, this little sticker certainly does indicate just how seriously businesses take van safety and that’s for a reason. Tools and equipment are becoming more expensive as the time goes on; therefore, having the van emptied of tools and goods every night is not something sensible. Hence making sure that a van is as secure as possible is almost a necessity.

 Thankfully there are plenty of helpful products on sale to boost your security. Below we’re presenting the main three types of additional security locks recommended for vans to prevent breaks in.


Deadlocks are the most popular and standard security upgrade available for just about every van and their various doors in the UK marketplace.

Deadlock is composed of two parts fitted to the van door and bodywork. It works by pushing a bolt right into a receiving bracket fitted to the van’s internal body and operated by an outside key, creating an additional secure locking point to the van door. These extra locking points are designed and installed in the designated location on the doors to help prevent van specific attacks.

Its high-security external key operates the deadlock under complete control of the motorist. Suitable for owner-drivers or software where the driver could be relied on to operate the lock. The deadlock is generally for use on the van cabin doors and as an alternative to hock locks where needed.

Van Slam locks

Following Deadlocks, Van Slam locks are the next most frequent type of security lock for vans.

Slam locks do precisely that, slam and lock.

The Slam lock is generally designed for couriers, multi-drop delivery drivers and any operations where a motorist might be regularly in and out of a loading area throughout the day. The Slam lock safeguards against the driver needing to lock doors. When the door is slam closed, it locks automatically and may only be opened using the slam lock key, radically reducing theft chances.

Van Slamlocks work by deactivating the van factory fitted door opening handle and installing an extra surface mounted lock into the van door. To open the van door, you need to turn the key which now acts as the opening door handle. On closing the door, locking occurs automatically, so make sure you do not leave your keys inside the van!

Slam locks allow the opening of doors independently, meaning if you need access to a van’s side door, by way of instance, unlocking it with the key won’t unlock the back door enabling easy access for opportunist thieves.

The Slam locks are van and door specific; therefore, all brackets are bespoke to each make and model. In some cases, additional replacement wires are needed together with all the necessary fittings.

Van Hooklocks

Hook locks are the next generation of van safety deadlocks. They operate in precisely the same manner as straight deadlocks, but a hook style bolt clip into a bracket, as opposed to a simple straight bolt, offering next-level safety.

By tapping over into the bracket and in addition to sliding into, Hooklocks can offer a greater degree of security, making it harder to force open and potentially get access to your van.

Hook locks installed by Car Keys Solutions are specially designed by L4V and tested to be the strongest on the market.

General van security locks features:

  • Designed and manufactured to satisfy the demanding requirements of industrial car safety.
  • The locks have a compact footprint allowing several fitting places.
  • Less metal is removed from the structural area of the door and chassis during setup in contrast to other hook locks, leading to better resistance.
  • Seal gasket provided as standard for most systems.
  • Locking kits are van specific and contain all the essential fixings, fittings as standard.
  • Kits offered in T-Series and S-Series key systems.
  • Lock cylinders, housings, and plugs are plated in exceptionally durable satin nickel to keep a long-lasting overall look and constant functionality.
  • Black nylon outside barrel trims provided as standard to keep the aesthetic look of the automobile.
  • Satin nickel-plated, brass barrel contrasts, oversize black cone contrasts, and angled black cone trims are also accessible.
  • Most of the security locking kits come with three keys. In some situations, some kits are only provided with one key as regular. 
  • All security locks to the van make use of the same key pattern.
  • Greater security dimple key provided as regular
  • Powerful anti-pull rating
  • Available for just about every van and doorway in the UK
  • Suitable for electric and hybrid vehicle versions.

Van security is one of our top priorities. If your van has been damaged or your resources are stolen, then we understand the influence on your livelihood.

We specialise in supplying and fitting a range of qualified security solutions to our clients. Fitted by our expert team, every job includes a three year warranty as standard.

We supply a vast selection of solutions that tackle the evolving security requirements of the nation’s tradespeople.

If you want more information on the best way to secure your van, then please contact our specialist team today or fill in our simple online form to get a quote.