Alfa Romeo Mito key replacement – A case study

Striving to be the best!

At Car Keys Solutions, we’ve been many times challenged to be the best in the field that we could be. Given the variety of makes models and the complexity in cars, where one solution does not fix all issues. Many times we had to come up with our ideas to achieve the best results even when at times there seemed to be no solution even from the main dealer.

A spare key can save not only money, but time and troubles!

Today, we’re going to present such a case where recently we had the pleasure to work on an Alfa Romeo MITO, where the customer had lost the only key.
Before we dig into it, we would like to reinforce the necessity of having always set aside a spare car key if one is lost. Having a spare key could save you a lot of headaches of not being able to use the car when most needed and most likely hundreds of pounds in recovery cost.

The case study

When our customer brought the car into our shop, it was concluded that the BCM, also known as the body control module, needed to be replaced because the owner of the vehicle had lost the only key he had. For this particular make and model, the alarm had been installed from the factory, so when there is no key to deactivate the alarm, the BCM goes into a lockdown mode. Once the BCM is in a lockdown mode, an Alfa Romeo Mito key replacement is not possible since the old keys could not be deleted from its memory. This was not possible even at a dealership.

The main dealer solution

The only fix to this problem, recommended by the main dealer, was to have the BCM replaced, reprogram the BCM to communicate with all other security modules within the vehicle and program new keys. The downside to this option was the fact that most dealerships are closed during the lockdown due to CONVID-19. The next hurdle in regaining full access to the vehicle was to order the part which would’ve taken a few days to get it. Additional cost for it and having the vehicle towed to their location for service were other inconveniences. All in all, inconvenience and additional and unnecessary cost for our customer.

Our solution

At Car Keys Solutions, when our technicians put their mind to it, nothing can stop them. Therefore, they have developed software, which allowed them to override the alarm in order to program new car keys. Today, we can say that we are the only ones to our knowledge, capable of reprogramming new car keys for the Alfa Romeo MITO without replacing the BCM. Moreover, this service can be done mobile, meaning we can come to you if you live in the area being covered by us in London and surrounding counties. You can bring the vehicle to us as well at 142-144 East End Road, East Finchley, N2 0RZ. We can have your vehicle on the road most of the time within the same day.

Final note

Keep in mind to always have a spare key. It can save you a lot of troubles. We cover not only Alfa Romeo MITO but all makes and models.

Here is the Youtube video about the Alfa Romeo MITO


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