Maserati Quattroporte – key programming

The best Maserati key programming company in the field

Having dealt with a variety of makes and models and all different kinds of car keys problems is what set us as the best in the field. And this is not us saying it. It is our customers that speak on our behalf, by reviewing our performances. Our customers are not just the general public but also businesses small and big, Police, NHS, Army. And then, there is Warner Bros. Studios. A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure to work on a Maserati Quattroporte modified, for a movie set. Given the weight put on the car during the modification, the transmission has been damaged.Having the transmission replaced, the programming process into the BCM module was required.


An auto locksmith company was called on-site to program the transmission into the BCM module. During the programming process, the keys were deleted, therefore rendering the vehicle unusable. Having done that, now sophisticated equipment was needed in order to program the keys which the technician dispatched did not have in order to complete the job.

…And then Car Keys Solutions came to the rescue

Since the previous auto locksmith was not able to complete the job, Car Keys Solutions was called to the scene to complete it. The process of reprogramming Maserati Quattroporte keys was to first extract the pin from the BCM and then reprogram the keys. In this case, the process was a straightforward one and done relatively quickly which allowed our customer to continue filming the movie without any additional wasted time.

Our promise

Whether it is a movie studio like Warner Bros in this case, the general public, Police, Army, NHS or any other entity, we strive to be prompt, efficient and have you back on the road with the least amount of inconvenience at prices that nobody can beat us for the quality of work we provide. If you are stranded anywhere in London or surrounding counties you can call us at 0203 393 5669 as we can come to you. If your car key needs to be repaired, you can visit our online shop at as well, or you can come to our shop Car Keys Solutions,East Finchley , 142-144 East End Road, London, N2 0RZ. .

Did You Know:

  • Maserati was first known for manufacturing spark plugs before they became best known for their luxury cars.
  • Racing cars is what Maserati made in their first 2 decades of automaking. They have participated in Indianapolis 500 races and won the championship twice in 1939 and 1940. Maserati being the only Italian car manufacturer to ever win the Indianapolis 500, made it even more special.
  • Maserati’s logo was conceived for their first car, Maserati Tipo 26 in 1920. The logo was suggested by Marquis Diego de Sterlich, a friend of the Maserati’s family. It was inspired by the trident of the Neptune’s statue located in Bologna which is also the place of birth of Maserati’s brand, and it remained as their emblem to this day.


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