Volkswagen Golf key replacement in Streatham, London

Volkswagen Golf key replacement made easy

It goes without saying that, when losing the only car key while enjoying time out at the park, it can turn the day upside down in a split second. This was the case for our customer, where, while enjoying the family time out at the park in Streatham lost his only car key. Now, it became imperative for him to get a new replacement car key for his Volkswagen Golf. It is because of cases like this, that we, at Car Keys Solutions, always try to encourage our customers to always have a spare key for their Volkswagen Golf done before one is even needed.

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A day at the park

As the stay at home requirements due to COVID-19 are slowly easing out, more and more people are starting to transition carefully back into what we once called normal. With that, of course, getting our minds busy once again or better yet excited, at some point or another, we are going to do what we’ve been doing which is a million things at any given time. So, when that happens, one of the things we’re going to lose sight or track of will be the car keys. This is what happened to one of our customers. After spending an entire day at the park with the family, they decided to head back home only to realise that their keys are missing. Having no spare key at all, the only way of getting access to the vehicle and getting a new replacement key for their Volkswagen Golf was to call an auto locksmith company such as Car Keys Solutions.

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Extracting the code

VW Golf unlocking

Once we got to the vehicle, we started extracting the code necessary to cut a new car key. Once we had obtained the code, then we proceeded to cut a new fob blade. With the new blade, we were able to open the vehicle.


From here on, the procedure of programming the new replacement car key for the Volkswagen Golf consisted of reading all security modules from within the vehicle, deleting the old car keys and programming the new one.

VW Golf key programming

It is worth mentioning that this particular Volkswagen Golf has a manual transmission. Should’ve been an automatic transmission, then, the transmission would’ve had to be read as well in order to program the new fob key. The rule of thumb is when a car key replacement service is in progress and part of auto locksmith services of course, is to delete all keys memorised in the security modules and only program the keys that are known to be physically present with the vehicle owner. Nobody can go wrong having a spare set of keys, that is if different keys are used for ignition, door locks or boot.

Final thought

The process of cutting new replacement car keys and programming them to vary from one make and model to another. The newer the vehicle, the more complicated it could sometimes get, given the security features that are being upgraded every year. The carmakers want to ensure that the security of the vehicles is always the number one priority, one step ahead of the criminals and safe against being stolen. By the same token, carmakers want to convey the message that they are working tirelessly to improve the security of the vehicle every day.

While for the most part all of it is true, there is no vehicle today on the market that is 100% secured. That is why additional layers of security devices are available on the market and can be added on top of what carmakers are supplying the vehicles with from the factory. Having said all that, as the technology is progressing in terms of what the vehicles are coming fitted with from the factory, so is the process of replacing car keys, programming car keys, which would require advanced technology to keep the trend.

What was considered safe to use a few years back to program car keys, may no longer apply today without running the risk of, for example, corrupting other security modules. Therefore, it can create the possibility of having to reinstall the software in order to restore its functionality. It is not always an easy process should that ever be the case.

Vehicle security and more

Although it has not been this way a few good years back, today we need to look at these vehicles as being more like computers on wheels. That is, because of all the technology deployed into them over the years to make them secure.

Now, the security of the vehicles can come in two different ways. One of the ways we have discussed above is to have them secured against criminals. The other way is the security on the road.

It is a fact that human error is the number one cause of accidents. That is why, about ten years or so ago, the advanced driving assist systems had started to be fitted into vehicles. Some of its features are lane departure assist, brake assist, surround-view camera and more.

The point to make here is, when there is a need for an auto locksmith company for any car key services needs, due diligence is required so much more today than it was ever in the past. There are many things that could possibly go wrong, should lack of experience, training, equipment or technical support be ever part of any car key service.

Car Keys Solutions auto locksmith London – the company you can trust!

Experience, training, updated equipment, technical support, they all go hand in hand to provide a smooth and uneventful car key services. At Car Keys Solutions, we have all that, and then some. We don’t believe in beginner’s luck motto.

While some may rely on it, we believe constant training and among others, experience accumulated while working on possibly most makes and models by now is the recipe for our success. This is what sets us apart from the rest.

To highlight what Car Keys Solutions is about, and what we are doing on any given day

Not too long ago, we had an Alfa Romeo Mito, where the only car key our customer had, was lost. It was concluded by the main dealer and other auto locksmith companies, that the BCM( Body Control Module) needed to be replaced since it went into a lockdown mode.

The reason for it was because the factory-installed alarm could not be deactivated by using the key. Our solution to the problem was to write software that would allow us to program a new car key by bypassing the alarm. You can follow this story by clicking on the link Alfa Romeo Mito – key replacement.

So, should your end of the day at the park turn nightmarish only because the car keys are missing there is no need to worry. Car Keys Solutions is just one phone call away and we will turn your day right back around in no time at all while still enjoying a little more time at the park. You can reach us on 0203 393 5669. Or you can visit us at our shop in 142-144 East End Road, East Finchley, London, N2 0RZ

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