Car Key and Lock Protection Tips

Car Key and Lock Protection Tips

Locked out? How would you react when your key is stuck in your ignition or is lost? Below are 6 key and lock protection tips to help prevent expensive system replacements:

1. Keep a spare

It is not uncommon to lose a car key whilst shopping or to leave keys inside a vehicle and for the car to then self-lock. We therefore recommend always to have a spare either with family, friends or neighbours avoiding a costly call out or even full lock system replacement. Additional spare keys are relatively inexpensive and can be easily obtained via a specialist.

2. Winter is coming

With winter fast approaching locks can ice over. Should this happen it is vital to use de-icer sprays rather than forcing the key into the lock. If the key does not easily insert or turn a second application of de-icer may be required.  Always keep de-icer in your house or at work and not in the car (you will not be able to get to it if the locks are frozen).

3. Don’t force it!

If you notice that your car key is no longer turning freely in the lock or ignition apply some WD40 or similar (never force the key to prevent lock and key damage). If keys are old, a newly cut replacement key will usually help the lock to operate freely. If, despite best efforts, a key is stuck in the ignition or lock, call a specialist to avoid a costly lock system replacement.

4. Think who you call

AA and RAC call out vehicles do not offer a key cutting service nor do most garages. If you have snapped a key in the lock or are locked out of the car call a car key and lock specialist who will be able to help you on the way without a hefty bill.

5. Keep your vehicle value

Not having two keys for your van or car will devalue it! Car dealers may even shy away from buying the vehicle all together. Our recommendation is if you have lost or damaged a key replace it (you will easily recover the cost when you re-sell the vehicle).

6. Improve security

Van and commercial vehicle break-ins are a real problem in some London areas. Enhanced van security locks and other safety products are designed to deter thieves and minimise the risk of a break-in and theft of valuable equipment.

If you require a replacement key or want to improve the security of your vehicle contact Car Key Solutions, a brand of OGS Mechanics Ltd – we offer a mobile call out service and will get you on the way as inexpensively and quickly as possible!