Car Key and Vehicle Protection Tips

Everyone’s car is dear to them and rightfully so. With so much money, time and energy spent on purchasing dream cars, the risk of car theft compared to a scratch on your car, is a serious concern.

In this article we will run through five tips to help improve your vehicle’s security.

Based in the heart of London, Car Keys Solutions provides customers with top-notch auto locksmith services and car key solutions.

What’s worse? When your key is stuck in the ignition or it’s lost altogether? Both!

So, let’s get to how you can secure your car’s keys and locks with these simple steps:


You spend several minutes, if not hours, rummaging through every drawer and pocket to find your car key – only to realise you have lost it. And you know what comes in handy when that happens? Having a spare key is useful when you are rushing out of the door and can’t seem to find your car key.

Some days you lose your car key, other days, you might leave your key inside of your vehicle which has self-locked. Always keep a spare key in one of your coat pockets at home, leave one with a family member, or perhaps even leave one with your trustee neighbour. This ensures you won’t need to make a costly call out to replace the entire lock system – and it will as save you a lot of time and energy.

Spare keys are inexpensive if they are created when there is still one working key compared to situations when all keys are lost. At Car Keys Solutions, we offer services for all eventualities.


Winter is a nuisance for many. Sure, it has its perks… such as getting to wear cosy jumpers, enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate and snuggling into your bed. But facing dreaded ice on the roads and your car’s lock freezing up? As a precaution, always keep De-Icer sprays at hand to avoid this, rather than aggressively trying to insert your key into the lock and breaking the key altogether.

De-Icer will melt the ice on the key and inside the lock. If the de-icer fails to work the first time, don’t shy away from applying a second coat to get your lock moving. For your ease, we recommend keeping a de-icer in your house, car and office.


emergency car locksmith

If your key isn’t turning smoothly in the car lock or ignition like it usually does, chances are your key or barrel is worn and needs immediate attention. Car Keys Solutions is there for you as they provide the best car key services across London, and you can rest assured that we’ll get your vehicle started. Just one call away on 0203 393 5669 for assistance from London’s leading Auto Locksmiths. Our trained and skilled auto locksmiths identify and advise the most cost-efficient way to go with car key replacement. It means they can make a new car key from scratch to help you lock and operate your vehicle freely. However, in all seriousness, whatever you do, don’t force or ram your key into the ignition or lock. As much as we understand just how frustrating it can be, jamming your key into the lock may result in you paying more than you planned. Call a specialist to help, and save yourself from a costly locking system replacement.


If you have lost or broken your key, regardless of how perfect your car’s condition may be, car dealers can refuse to purchase your car. Because losing your car key devalues the car, and may prevent you from getting a profitable return. For this reason, we always advise car owners to keep two keys and never delay replacing their damaged or lost car keys.


car security

Living in the city means you may be prone to a car theft and attempted break-ins. That’s why we recommend that vehicle owners invest in thorough vehicle security lock systems and gadgets to prevent this from happening.

Investing in these security measures may be heavy on the wallet, but it’s all worth it when your vehicle is prevented from even the slightest scratch.

key fob in tin foil

Regarding vehicle security, you might ask – does tin foil block a car key signal?

Yes, it does in theory. Car thieves use key cloning devices to copy the keyless key signal. If you have a vehicle with keyless entry technology, tin foil can be used for signal blocking if it’s well wrapped around the key. However, the foil makes no difference in other keys.

Another way to protect a keyless car against theft is by disabling the remote key signal by using a keyless pouch whenever the key is not in use, or by using a keyless protector.

What is the best anti-theft device for cars?

There are many ways to protect your vehicle against theft, and some car insurance firms can request additional ways to secure your vehicle before they insure you.

An immobiliser system that we install, test and recommend is the Ghost 2 immobiliser. This offers unparalleled car security against vehicle thefts and is one of the most user-friendly systems out there.

How can I protect my keyless car keys?

Keyless theft is more common than you think.

In 2017, 110,000 keyless cars were stolen, that’s about 12 per hour. Using electronic equipment, they engage a so-called ‘relay attack’ that allows two criminals to steal a car in less than 30 seconds.

There are several devices available on the market that can help protect your keyless key.

  • The best way is to switch the key off when not in use.
  • Storing the key in a Faraday bag keeps your car safe. This pouch is made of layers of metallic material that stop the key’s signal. The key needs to be stored inside the bag after you lock the car. This is one option to keep your keyless car safe.
  • Using a Keyless Protector, your key only emits a signal once it’s activated by double tap – it then goes into sleep mode when you walk away from your vehicle. Using this type of signal blocker, you protect your vehicle’s keyless system automatically, but with a Faraday bag you have to always remember to store the key in it.

How can I get cheaper car insurance?

Risk of theft is a factor for insurance price increases on vehicles in high risk areas. An additional car alarm, a Thatcham approved immobiliser, or vehicle tracking system can significantly reduce the risk of your car being stolen, and also reduce your insurance premium. Ask your insurance company if there is a premium reduction available if you improving your vehicle’s protection.

If car key replacement or vehicle security is what you are looking for, you are at the right place because at Car Keys Solutions, we are dedicated to securing your vehicle all the way!

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