2 Ways to get Car Key Replacements and 3 Ways to avoid the inconvenience of lost car keys

Every now and again, we are faced with the doom of having our keys locked inside our vehicle, broken or… worst of all… lost altogether! And what is one to do when this occurs? Head straight to your nearest locksmith for a car key replacement.

Car key replacements may sound trivial until you hear your local hardware store locksmith state the cost of car key cutting and replacement car keys – then you think to yourself ‘is there a cheaper option out there?’ The answer is yes, yes there is. Car Keys Solutions, a London-based auto locksmith and car key replacement company, providing exceptional solutions for your car key problems and that too with affordable and competitive prices!

At Car Key Solutions, our team of skilled and experienced auto locksmiths cut new car keys regardless of your vehicle’s make, model, or age. A new car key fob for electronic vehicle entry systems can be programmed if you have either lost or broken your car key. This process is known as car key cutting.

Replacing car keys, on the other hand, is simply replacing old keys with new electronic keys so that your vehicle cannot be accessed by someone who may get their hands on your old car key. Replacing your old car key with a new one ensures your vehicle’s safety and reduces the risk of potential car theft.

The issue, however, is that many people find replacing car keys to be too costly, which exposes their vehicle to an increased chance of theft. For this reason, we have listed down the two ways you can obtain car key replacement and 3 ways of get yourself protected against the inconvenience of lost car keys.

The two ways replacement car key can be obtained are:

  1. Contact Auto Locksmiths

There is no doubt that contacting an auto locksmith over your dealership is much less expensive and less time-consuming. The auto locksmiths create keys by using reverse engineering (in most cases) –  meaning that the engineer will extract data required from the vehicle on the spot in order to create a new car key replacement. They have all the blank keys and dedicated car key programming equipment in their mobile workshop.

Our auto locksmiths at Car Keys Solutions reach customers quickly and and will carefully examine the issues related to car key replacement. All you need to do is provide them with your VIN to prove ownership and leave the rest to them.

Contacting an auto locksmith is also great because they can re-code the door locks and ignition barrel, or just cut a brand new replacement key. This new key will allow you to access your vehicle without causing much delay.

But if you were to get this service done by your local dealership, you very much likely end up paying extra pounds and also would only access your car after a much longer period – sometimes days/

Because our team of auto locksmiths knows just how much of a nuisance it is to wait for service, and then end up paying for car towing, they come right to your location! This makes it easier because the last thing anyone would want to do after losing or breaking their car key is head out to find a locksmith without any transportation.

But before you call your auto locksmith to meet you at your location, you must provide them with the essentials; your car’s registration number, VIN, car model and make, and your car’s manufacturer’s details.

You may even query about the specific diagnostic and programming tools that are required to code your vehicle’s key. This is to further understand your car’s programming details for future reference and should be asked in case your locksmith is not aware of it.

  1. Contact manufacturer main dealer

For sure, this is a much more time consuming and inconvenient option.

It is understandable that common sense would say that if a car key replacement is needed, the manufacturer’s main dealer should be able to respond promptly – after all, they made the car so  a replacement key shouldn’t be a big deal.

Well, that’s very much not the case… and that’s because they are the vehicle manufacturer.

Let us explain: when cars are built, there are many different departments, each responsible for different tasks – some departments may share the same roof, while some may be overseas. And to create a key is not a task only for one department, as the key is built from components: the key blade, the remote part, and the transponder part, and different tasks need to be performed: cutting, programming and pre-coding. The blade has to be cut and data has to retrieved from the server holding the key cutting data, which again is part of another department. Then keys have to be programmed or pre-coded, which of course will involve another department. Now after all the above has been completed and the key has been received from the factory in the post, another stage of programming is required directly on the vehicle.

Most of all,  main dealer services are not mobile, so there will be the cost of recovery on top. A key replacement with main dealer could end up with a delay of ten days depending on the manufacturer only to receive the key and have the car needing to be booked in for final programming.

It is important to know that sometimes even dealers request services of the auto locksmith.


ONE – Always keep a spare set of car keys

As soon as you purchase your car, you should immediately get a set of spare keys for backup. Yes, you can always trust your auto locksmith to make a spare key for you but it is always best to have one at hand during a key crisis. Not only will it save you time, but it will certainly save you money without you having to pay your local locksmith a visit. Most of the time, it is significantly cheaper to have a spare key created when there is one functional key.

Stowaway your set of spare keys in various places such as your wallet, your jacket pocket, your bedside drawers, etc. so you know where to go in case of any emergency.

TWO – Get Car Key Insurance

Many car insurers have added in recent years key cover as standard protection for a fully comprehensive cover.

Sometimes, even when you are certain your car keys won’t get stolen or lost, the inevitable cannot be prevented. For this reason, we highly suggest car and van owners to immediately check with their car insurance company that such cover is in place. Should your insurance not offer this as standard, you can ask for it as additional cover or get a policy from dedicated car key insurers as keycare.

Getting your car keys insured offers peace of mind that in the case of an unfortunate event, such as stolen or lost cars and car keys, your insurance company will cover the cost for new key. Depending on which car insurance company you contact, policies will vary. Some policies cover costs such as the shipment of new keys from another country. Having said that, carefully read through your car insurance policy before signing.

Your auto locksmith will take care of providing you with waterproof and shockproof keys better than any dealership. Locksmith services are generally more economical and have faster services as compared to dealerships.

To query about waterproof and shockproof keys, you may contact Car Keys Solutions for prices and car key replacement and car key cutting services.

THREE – Invest in a key locator device

Do you happen to be quite the absent-minded individual who frequently loses their keys? If so, key locator devices might be just the thing for you. Key locator devices are developed to locate your keys either at your workplace or home and rings whenever a person can’t seem to find their keys. Talk about advanced technology, right?

So again, it is both affordable and saves you the hassle of going to a locksmith every time you lose your car key.

Your auto locksmith will take care in providing you with advice about car keys better than any dealership. Locksmith services are generally more economical and have faster services as compared to dealerships.

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