Electronic Car Keys – Innovation at Its Best!

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Much like everything else today, car keys have gone through a significant transformation. Putting tradition behind itself, cars now operate solely on electronic car keys, and we aren’t complaining. Traditionally, metal car keys would be used. And although old is gold and nothing can ever come close to old school methods, metal car keys truly made life for the common layman rather complicated.

How can you possibly do better than electronic car keys that allow you access to your vehicle with the help of a single button? It takes just one button and voila! Your access has been granted. Not only that, you may even navigate your car with the help of voice commands! Talk about technology, right? 

But the question arises; how exactly do electronic car keys work? 

Remote Central Locking 

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Any system that enables keyless entry is because of the aid of remote control locking. Nowadays, vehicles solely operate on remote control locking and gone are the days of using traditional car keys to unlock your car. In electronic car keys, you have the typical metal key, however, the head of the key will usually feature a few buttons for locking and unlocking purposes. 

Want to replace car keys old or the modern electronic car keys? You can always count on Car Key Solutions to provide car key replacement services right to your doorstep! The best part is, our auto locksmiths in London are just a phone call away – this means, you can contact us anytime, anywhere and we will help you get your swanky and tech-savvy electronic car key without any delay. 

How Does the Electronic Car Key Work? 

The working range of an electronic key is pretty impressive. All electronic car keys work within a 20-metre range from the vehicle, ensuring you can unlock your vehicle from a distance when in a hurry. Some electronic car keys, however, will require you to get closer to your vehicle for it to perform its function of unlocking your vehicle’s doors.

Do Electronic Car Keys Guarantee Security? 

The frank answer is NO! The whole purpose of advancing to an electronic system from a medieval, almost archaic system was to amplify security for vehicle owners. Later, for convenience reasons, more features were added to car keys. Every car model has its own security lock system depending on how the key has been built, and its own weaknesses, but is another discussion.

All modern cars, at present, feature an encryption system that should stop chances of hacking into your system and intercepting the signal. Also, this encryption system makes sure a specific code works with your car, and your car alone.

Our auto locksmiths are thoroughly trained in not only cutting car keys, but also guaranteeing your car key’s code matches your car’s encryption system. Otherwise, the new replacement key will not start your engine.

How Do We Program Electronic Car Keys

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The first part is the immobiliser transponder programming. This is the step of the key programming procedure that will enable engine start. Keep in mind that these programming modes vary from vehicle to vehicle, and typically require different methods, some more comprehensive than others.

After that, the key fob is linked with the computer’s programming mode so that the car computer recognises the specific fob. 

It’s important to know that the duplicate and lost car keys programming procedure can be very difficult. It is always cheaper to have a spare car key created when you have one functional. 

If you have lost your car key or it was stolen, your car key’s data should be removed from car computer so it can no longer work if it’s in someone else’s possession. 

The Step-By-Step Process of How Electronic Keys Work 

Firstly, electronic car keys send an extended code of about 40 digits long straight to your vehicle. After this, a function code is presented before your car asking it what function does the owner wish to perform. The best part is, the car key will only work on a vehicle it recognises the code of which the key fob had initially had sent. If not, you will not be able to access your car. 

Even though electronic car keys are pretty rough and tough, you still want to be careful as they can get damaged if used aggressively. Another side note, your electronic car key will also not work if you have pressed its buttons way too many times when out of its range. In such cases, you will need to contact Car Key Solutions to assist you with reprogramming your car key. 

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