Auto Locksmith – The Beacon of Hope for Locked-Out Car Owners

Auto locksmith are a godsend. They have saved many car owners like the common ‘I locked myself out’ category of individuals, or ‘I can’t seem to find my car keys’ camp. Either way, auto locksmiths have always saved the day. The profession of car locksmiths is not to be trivialised, because truly, they are the saviours of road-side car key emergencies – which is why they are our society’s heroes.

But you may be wondering, what exactly do car locksmiths do?

During unfortunate events such as losing or breaking our car keys, auto locksmiths provide a variety of different solutions to your problems. Skilled and experienced auto locksmiths are known to cut keys for your vehicle and replace your car key with a new one without any hassle.

When placed in a lockout situation, car locksmiths perform the task of cutting a key to allow you access to your vehicle in a jiffy. Depending on the intensity of your situation, locksmiths may need to program your car key from scratch, or reprogram it if it had been programmed before.

With their impressive precision skills, locksmiths are also equipped with the knowledge of repairing damaged door locks and ignition switches or locks promptly. If your key is broken, it is not much effort for your locksmith to produce a new one as they tend to produce many new keys on a daily basis.

Some other services auto locksmiths provide are:

  1. As opposed to your local car dealership, which can take up to a day or a few days to service your vehicle’s lock, auto locksmiths tactfully service your lock issues within 30-60 minutes.
  2. They are ignition switch masterminds – which means they repair, change, install and reprogram your car’s auto ignition switch easily.
  3. They also offer cylinder-changing services. This includes repairing, re-keying, replacing and installing your car’s or van’s door lock cylinders.
  4. Auto locksmiths make special keys depending on what they are dealing with. They make programmed keys, transponder keys, and most chip keys.

Transponder Key Coding and Car Key Programming

Those were the good old days where car keys could have been replaced via key cutting that could easily fit the door lock of your car. Now, key cutting has gone through major changes thanks to modern car keys, which make it a tad bit more complicated to have your car key cut and replaced.

Modern car keys entail immobilisers – this feature works remotely and is more complicated to replace. Modern transponder car keys and electronic key fobs feature electronic chips; these chips are placed to send signals straight to your car’s locks and your vehicle’s control system. This is done so that your car key accurately matches its rightful car and matches with its functional commands.

In case of losing your original electronic key fob or car key, our locksmiths make sure your old car key is cancelled to prevent car theft. They create a new replacement car key so that you may gain access to your vehicle again and make sure you are the only one who can access and use your car

Your old key fob is quickly replaced with a new electronic key fob and that too at an affordable price. All that is required from you is to stay with your vehicle until our locksmiths get there to immediately make a replacement car key.

We are an auto locksmith company in London and getting in touch with us means we can cater to problems in the following area:

  • Car door lock repair
  • Car key replacement
  • Reprogramming of transponder keys
  • Car key cutting
  • Fixing a broken ignition or removing a jammed ignition key
  • Replacement of the ignition switch or lock
  • Boot unlocking
  • Door lock replacement
  • Installing car security systems

Ignition Switch Replacement

At Car Keys Solutions, our skilled auto locksmiths are trained in changing and replacing your ignition switch or ignition lock right on the spot! What may seem like a labour-intensive operation is, in fact, quite a quick task for auto locksmiths when they have all the necessary tools and equipment to replace your ignition unit.

At Car Keys Solutions, our auto locksmiths have the expertise needed in extracting a broken key from your car door and ignition switch, which is what makes our automotive locksmith services the best around London and the M25 area.

Extra Security for Your Vans

Security is a must no matter where you live or no matter what vehicle you drive, the risk of vehicle theft is always present. Living in the great city of London has its perks, but also has its downsides such as car or vehicle break-ins.

But you can kiss your worries goodbye because, at Car Keys Solutions, we offer a wide range of van security and safety systems to minimise and prevent your vehicle from being broken-into vandalised and stolen. Our car locksmiths install your van with some of the best-quality security systems sure to deter any thieves.

They install deadlocks, slam locks, vehicle protection plates, externally mounted locking applications, and, not to forget, replacement locks that come with anti-pick cylinders. And if you are worried about us catering to only a specific van model or manufacturer, you will be glad to know that at Car Keys Solutions, we offer premium-quality vehicle security systems regardless of what model or make your van is.

Slam locks are true evidence of brilliant technology and innovation. These kinds of locks prevent thieves from accessing your van after you mistakenly left it unlocked, by automatically locking your vehicle once its door closes. If you then wish to access your vehicle, you would have to enter a correct security key.

What’s great about our auto locksmith services in London and the surrounding couties is that we are minutes away from reaching you once we are contacted. We operate 7 days a week, which means if you happen to lose your key or lock yourself out from your car during the weekend, you can always count on us to rescue you from your lockout woes.

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