Lock-in Peace of Mind with a Spare Car Key!

Around half of all UK car owners admit to frequently mislaying their vehicle key. Quite incredible then that approximately the same proportion don’t have a spare, although there’s no evidence to suggest it’s the same half!

With this startling statistic in mind, we have collated a few commonly asked Q&As about spare keys we hear all the time at our branches in East Finchley, Kilburn and South London.

Not unrelated to the topic, we’ve touched on the possible consequences of resolving security after key theft or loss.

Why do I need a spare vehicle key?

We often help people who’ve locked their only vehicle key in the car and find themselves in need of emergency assistance. Nobody wants to be stranded in an unfamiliar area at night, on their way to a special occasion or an important business deal meeting.

Imagine how much simpler the solution if you could phone your partner, a friend or relative, tell them exactly where the spare is and ask them to run it over to you. There’ll always be exceptions to the rule, but you could likely be saving yourself a lot of unnecessary inconvenience, stress, time and money.

There are many ways to get a new car key, or key fob, for your vehicle. You can visit a locksmith or car key replacement provider, or you can go to the main dealership, but you’ll need your vehicle with you. If you can’t access your car, these options will require you to have your vehicle towed to a garage or alternative location.

With our mobile service, there are no extra costs for you. We’ll meet you wherever your vehicle is to provide your replacement car key on the spot. All at a price that you’ll love. Simply call when you need us for a mobile car key replacement service with a 1-hour callout response.

What measures should I take if my key has been stolen?

Stolen car keys should be reported to the police. You’ll be given a crime number for an insurance claim.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a new key?

The level of cover will depend entirely on your chosen car insurance arrangements unless you have opted for a completely separate key cover policy. Don’t forget associated components such as locks may have to be replaced and reprogrammed too.

If a claim will considerably affect your no claims bonus and the excess is high too, consider if it would prove more cost-effective to pay upfront and cut your loss. Either way, seek a resolution promptly.

What is the process for getting a new key?

An additional key is straightforward. Since it is just a spare, which means a fully functional key is present at the time of the key cutting and transponder chip programming, the process is fairly easy and a new set of keys is done while you wait.

In the event of a lost or stolen key, whatever the make and model of your car, get a new car key or replacement key fob that is connected to your vehicle’s computer system.

All data for old key fobs will be erased from the system so that nobody can use an old key to gain access to your vehicle. You’ll get a brand new car key and can rest assured that the old one is no longer of worth to anyone that might have found it.

If you’re locked out of your car, with no spare key, then we’ll be with you in just one hour. We can create duplicate car keys on your driveway or out and about, for a hassle-free experience.

Get emergency car key replacement with no call-out charge. You can book a visit by phone in a matter of minutes. A mobile emergency car key replacement will not only save you money compared to dealership houses but will also save time (and your day!)

Who are Car Keys Solutions?

We provide a mobile car key replacement and car locksmith service in London and surrounding M25 areas at highly competitive prices compared to the main dealerships. Our main HQ is in Finchley, North London. Our mobile service covers areas across the M25 including North London, West London, Central London and East London.

We’ll meet you wherever you need a mobile key replacement service – at home, at work or anywhere else across Greater London.

What are the bonuses of using Car Keys Solutions in London?

Choosing a local service for car key replacement ensures that you can be reached quickly and easily when you need a fast service. We provide a service for emergency callouts and we know the London streets so well that we can plan the best route to get to you quickly. If you’re running late for work, locked out of your car at the supermarket or trapped at home, why wait for a replacement car key when there’s a faster solution?

I live in Hertfordshire. Can you still help me?

Yes! The Car Keys Solutions fleet of mobile emergency auto locksmiths provides services for areas within a 40-mile radius of central London. For non-emergencies, you can use our car key spare or repair service at no extra cost. Please see our online map for more detailed information https://www.carkeyssolutions.co.uk/areas-we-cover/

Wouldn’t it be better to use my dealership?

  • Main dealerships will charge you more.
  • We offer convenience. The main dealer will ask you to bring the car to them when we’ll come to you instead!
  • A speedy resolution is what you need. Why wait days when we can be with you on the same day?
  • It couldn’t be easier to book – it takes just one quick click!

Can I trust Car Keys Solutions?

Our reputation for top-class service is evidenced by the excellent comments and ratings from customers on several feedback platforms.

We use the latest technology available and our mobile technicians are trained to deal with scenarios of all kinds. Servicing 99% of all makes and models, you can be assured of prompt, polite and professional care.

Finally, is prevention better than cure?! Do you have any tips?

  • Make sure your used car purchase comes with 2 keys. Negotiate against the cost of replacing the original spare!
  • Invest in a key finder fob.
  • Try attaching something bright and oversized to your key and test if it helps you find it more easily.

Don’t delay when you can call Car Keys Solutions today. Putting it off could cause a lot of aggravation in the long run!

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I am really happy I came across this company. I lost my only car key and I start searching on the internet to get a replacement key, after calling few companies I also called Car keys solutions company who sounded like a trusted company. I decided to have the key done with them and I don’t regret it, the key works and looks like the original one. I want to thank Sebastian who came at the arranged time and he did the key in just 30 min. Thank you Car Keys Solutions!

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