Mercedes keys and security

Many car manufacturers have changed their vehicle key styles over the years, but Mercedes is one of the very few that have kept changes to their keys to the absolute minimum – externally, at least. Where once their remote keys were just plain black plastic, they now have a stylish chrome finish and that’s pretty much the extent of any visible changes.

However, nearly thirty years ago those keys began to change dramatically on the inside. That was when they started to incorporate an immobiliser function that prevented the key being able to start any other vehicle except the one they’d been specifically programmed for.

And these days the Mercedes Electronic Ignition Switch carries out a sequence of complex electronic tests to make absolutely certain that it’s the right key for the right car before permitting the driver to start the engine.

But it’s not just the keys that have been contributing to the security of any Mercedes vehicle: its built-in Electronic Steering Lock system is yet another part of the system to prevent car theft. This was introduced at the start of the noughties and works by locking the steering column in position as soon as the key is removed from the ignition.

So all in all, the company has the security of your Mercedes very much in mind

How do mercedes keys work?

The majority of car manufacturers place their faith in a simple transponder system. That’s where a microchip inside the key fob transmits a code that must match that of the car being unlocked via a very weak, but still detectable radio signal. Mercedes keys also transmit a code to the vehicle. But instead of being sent by radio, it’s sent via infrared. And that means it’s much more secure than a signal sent by radio which can be – and often is – picked up by unscrupulous car thieves.

Mercedes key and security problems – solved!

No matter why you need a new Mercedes key – whether it’s stopped working – or you’ve lost it, don’t panic. And there’s no need to panic either if your key seems to be fine but a fault in the Steering Column Lock or Electronic Ignition Switch prevents you from starting your vehicle. If it’s an emergency we can be with you within an hour if you’re stuck by the roadside, otherwise you can make an appointment for a time that suits you.

Mercedes spare keys

If you’ve bought a second-hand Mercedes with only one key, then we hope you’ve included the cost of a duplicate in your negotiations. And that cost would be considerably less than the price of a whole new set of keys if you lose the original key.

Whether or not you’ve brought the purchase price down because of the lack of a spare key, we can duplicate the key that came with your Mercedes quickly and conveniently, either in our workshop or by the roadside.

And we very much recommend you have a duplicate key made: you may never have to use it, but at least you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got it.

Mercedes unlocking

Locked out of your Mercedes? Don’t laugh – it can happen, and it happens a lot. Give us a call on 0203 393 5669 and our specialist Mercedes locksmith will be with you within an hour. He’ll then open up your vehicle without causing any damage or creating any other complications and have you back on the road again in just a few short minutes.

Mercedes key repair

Whether it’s through daily wear and tear, or being bashed against the housekeys on your keychain or knocked about by other things in your pocket, your Mercedes key can get worn, cracked or chipped both on the outside and – more problematically – on the inside, specifically on its electronic circuit board. Whether the damage is done externally or internally, you can rest assured we can repair that damage thanks to our same-day service.

Mercedes ignition switch repair and replacement

While it’s an excellent part of your Mercedes’ security system, the Electronic Ignition Switch can develop faults meaning your vehicle is totally immobilised. Our technicians have the equipment and knowledge to test and repair that unit in much less time and at a much lower cost than if you went through the inconvenience of having your vehicle towed to your local Mercedes dealership – wherever that may be. And if it works out that repairing the switch is not a viable option, we can provide you with a replacement key right there and then – no problem. 

Mercedes electronic steering column replacement

Should the Electronic Steering Column develop a fault, you always have the option of returning your vehicle to a Mercedes dealership and waiting for days while they replace the unit and then waiting for even longer for the programming to be completed. A much better option would be to call us on 0203 393 5669  and wait for less than an hour before our specially-trained technician replaces your old Electronic Steering Column and reprograms it there and then – usually taking less than two hours in total.

Which mercedes model keys do we repair?

P0413: This is the chrome finish Mercedes key fob that is used with the models listed below:

  • A Class 2013-2018
  •   B Class 2011-2018
  •   C Class 2014-2019
  •   CL 2006-2013
  •   CLK 2003-2010
  •   CLS 2004-201
  •   E Class 2009-2016
  •   G Class 2002-2018
  •   GL 2006-2019
  •   M Class 2012-2019
  •   R Class 2006-2013
  •   S Class 2006-2014
  •   SL 2001-2019
  •   SLK 2011-2019
  •   Sprinter 2006-2018
  •   Viano 2004-2019
  •   Vito 2004-2019

P0414: This is one of the first Mercedes-Benz flip remote key fobs used on the models listed below:

  • A Class 1997-2004
  •   C Class 1993-2007
  •   CL Class 1995-1999
  •   CLK Class 1997-2003
  •   E Class 1993-2002
  •   M Class 1997-2005
  •   SLK Class 1996-2004
  •   Viano 1996-2003
  •   Vito 1996-2003

P0415: This is the first Mercedes-Benz key fob that had a complete plastic housing with the emergency blade hidden within the shell. It’s used on these models:

  •  A Class 2004-2012
  •   B Class 2005-2011
  •   C Class 2007-2014
  •   CL Class 1999- 2006
  •   E Class 2003-2009
  •   M Class 2005-2011
  •   S Class 1999-2005
  •   SLK Class 2004-2010