We don’t stop at just creating, repairing or replacing vehicle keys, installing van security locks alarms and upgraded immobilisers: one more of the ways we can help you is our vehicle tracking system – for both individual and fleet cars and vans.
Why a tracking system? For business customers it’s an ideal way to upgrade your existing customer service level, by being able to tell customers waiting for a delivery exactly where that delivery is. You’ve also got access to reports covering speed, idle time and other driver and vehicle statistics all stored in the system for up to a year.
There’s more it than that though: you can set up to three people to receive an alert when a vehicle with a tracking system enters or leaves a particular area you define.
It’s so easy to use: just switch the tracking system on, log into it using any device from a desktop computer to a mobile phone … and you’re tracking the vehicle right away.
But it’s not just about gathering information: our tracker can be wired to allow you to instantly disable the vehicle should the need arise.
And … it can reduce your insurance premiums.
You can install it yourself if you want, but why not take advantage of our low-cost installation service? We’ve installed so many systems on so many domestic and commercial vehicles it’s practically second-nature to us.

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Just because you can’t find your car key it doesn’t mean you’ll never ever see it again – especially if you’ve used Car Key Solutions to solve any car key issues you might have had. When we provide you with a car key solution – anything from restoring a manky-looking key shell … to replacing a worn-out battery … to replacing vehicle security system components so they synchronise with the new set of keys we’ve created and programmed … we’ll prepare one of our Key Find and Return keyrings for you.

Every keyring is made to order, with a unique reference number which we can match to securely-held contact details of the customer we gave it to. Should someone find the keyring and return it to us, we can then let the owner know and get the keyring and the keys on it back where they belong right away.

So when we give you that keyring, make sure you fix it to your keys … and did we mention this service is completely free?


Our branches from North London East Finchley at 142-144 East End Road, London N2 0RZ and South London, Croydon at 220-222 Portland Road SE25 4QB are open for you 7 and 6 days/week for spare, repair or replacement car keys, van security locks or any auto locksmith services.

Furthermore should you need mobile car key assistance we can send a trained technician to be with you anywhere in London and the Home Counties (and all London airports) most of the times within an hour of your call to our customer service department.

But what if you find yourself needing your faulty, worn or damaged remote key repaired when you’re outside our normal service range? No need to worry – our Courier Repair Service is on hand to help: we can arrange a tracked and insured courier collection for that key, and no matter whether the blade is broken, or the remote is no longer operating, or a remote control button is missing, or there’s a fault with the transponder we will fix it and then return it to you by courier service straight away. For more details call us on 0203 393 5669 seven days a week between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm. or visit our online car key repair shop.


We’re talking, of course, about price: You might think we’d charge a premium for the convenience we offer, but we don’t even include a callout charge for being with you within an hour anywhere in the London and Home Counties area.

And no, we don’t claim to be the cheapest auto locksmith in town – if you search hard enough you might just be able to save yourself £10, maybe even £20, but if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere is it really worth spending all that time leaning against the car you’ve been locked out of, probably in the rain, poking at your phone looking at prices? On top of time spending you should our customers reviews as we are proudly the most reviewed auto locksmith company in UK with 5 stars with over 5.000 reviews across different platforms like:Trust Pilot,, Check a Trade, Yell and are not all.

But we do claim to be much less expensive (and a lot faster) than your local dealership – and can back up that claim with a bit of price comparison we did recently. We always recommend that if you’ve only got one key for your vehicle you have that key duplicated – it’s so much easier and cheaper than having a dealership (or even garage) work on your car’s entire security system if you’ve lost your original key and need to synchronise completely new one.

All we need to do basically in broad terms is read the code in your existing key, cut the blade to match and copy the code from the original key to the new one. However car key duplication procedure differs from one vehicle to other.

The last time we quoted that kind of work for a Range Rover Sport, our very relieved customer was more than happy to pay £595 right there and then. Now that might sound a bit pricey, but when you compare it to the Land Rover dealership’s quote our customer got for a replacement spare key for the same model you’ll change your opinion. There’s the two-week wait to start with, and that’s just for booking the vehicle in for the work in, then job might take a day or two with them.

And then there’s the bill at the end of the work that needs doing to create the key, reprogram the vehicle’s security system, and program the key to synchronise with that system. That, we were told, would add up to £850.00, and remember this is just to create a spare car key, as when all keys are lost the procedure on this Range Rover Sport is more comprehensive and price is more than double.

And of course, take into account such other incidental expenses and arranging to get the vehicle to the dealership, and the hire of an alternative car for the duration. And is it possible to put a price on the sheer inconvenience and frustration involved?

In short, that’s why we really recommend duplicating a car key if it’s the only one you’ve got and when you do it you know the professional auto locksmith to trust Car Keys Solutions.