Common Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser Problems

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is a renowned vehicle security device that offers advanced protection against key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft. Despite its effectiveness, users might need help with some issues. We cover the most common problems and solutions to help owners and potential buyers navigate their way around this advanced piece of technology.

Problem 1: Difficulty in Entering Disarm Sequence

A unique feature of the Ghost Immobiliser is its disarm sequence that requires input through buttons on the vehicle, like the steering wheel, door panels, or centre console. Users sometimes need help entering this sequence correctly, possibly due to forgetting or not performing the input correctly. Following the correct procedure and practising the sequence ensures smooth operation. This is one of the most common problems the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser users face after installing the security device on their vehicles. If the usual disarm sequence fails or is forgotten, the emergency code provided with the device can be used to reset the disarm code. Upon installation, a unique Ghost card comes with the Ghost owner’s manual. There are also specific procedures for entering the reset mode on different vehicles, including BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW, and Land Rover. To assist with correct procedure use and troubleshooting for disarm sequence issues, Autowatch and Car Keys Solutions offer free assistance to understand better entering the Ghost Immobiliser’s disarming code, as the procedure is sometimes specific to the vehicle model. The ghost immobiliser owner’s manual also offers information on procedures.

Problem 2: Issues with Stop/Start Functionality

Some users have reported problems with the vehicle’s stop/start functionality after installing the Ghost Immobiliser. However, these are generally isolated cases, and the Ghost Immobiliser is designed not to interfere with the vehicle’s stop/start system. It only re-arms itself once the ignition has been turned fully off. To fully answer this issue, the root of this problem can either be an incorrect set-up or a vehicle issue independent of the Ghost immobiliser system. However, due to the system’s complexity, diagnosing whether the Ghost is the root cause of stop/start issues is often challenging. Testing the vehicle in service/valet mode can help determine if the Ghost is influencing the stop/start functionality. If the problem persists, it’s likely unrelated to the Ghost Immobiliser. Autowatch and Car Keys Solutions offer free telephone assistance to any Ghost Immobiliser system and customer enquiries.

Problem 3: Service/Valet Mode Entry and Exit Challenges

The service/valet mode is a handy feature that allows temporary bypass of the immobiliser for service or valet purposes without compromising the disarm sequence. Entering and exiting this mode should be straightforward, but misunderstandings about the process can be confusing. Always follow specific instructions in the owner manual for entering and exiting this mode to avoid issues. On each installation, a hard copy of the owner manual is provided to the customer by the installer. A digital copy is available on this webpage:

Problem 4: Mobile Application Connectivity

The Ghost-II Immobiliser offers a mobile application that allows for easy disarmament without entering the sequence, provided the smartphone is within range. However, issues can arise with the app, such as connectivity problems or not running correctly in the background. Ensuring your smartphone’s Bluetooth is always enabled and the app is updated can mitigate these issues. Sometimes, smartphone software updates reset the Bluetooth connection with the Ghost immobiliser, and the pairing procedure must be redone to resume functionality. Users can also face challenges with the app that controls the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser, particularly when pairing a new phone or after mistakenly deleting the app’s pairing. These problems often arise because the Ghost’s memory is full, requiring users to clear it to re-establish connectivity. This involves following specific steps detailed in the device’s manual, which includes using alternative actions for different vehicle models during the pairing process. A maximum of two smartphones and two disarming tags can be paired anytime.

Problem 5: Compatibility and Installation Issues

While the Ghost Immobiliser is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, there are instances where specific vehicle models might present challenges during installation. It’s essential to check the compatibility of your car before installation and ensure that an approved fitter carries out the installation to avoid any problems.

Problem 6: False Warning Lights On or Vehicle Not Starting

Occasionally, users might experience their vehicle not starting or false warning lights showing on the dashboard. These issues are often due to incorrect sequence entry or problems with the vehicle’s electrical system interfacing with the Ghost Immobiliser. A good understanding of the Ghost immobiliser functionality and correct disarming procedure will prevent such situations from happening.

Security and Peace of Mind

Despite these common issues, the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser provides an additional layer of security that is nearly impossible to bypass or hack. It uses CAN-BUS blocking and a physical immobiliser cut, offering peace of mind against common carjacking tactics like relay attacks, key range-extending, and cloning. The device is undetectable using diagnostics, and there are no radio signals, making it a discreet yet powerful deterrent against vehicle theft.


The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser remains a top choice for vehicle security, offering robust protection against theft. Understanding the potential issues and how to address them can enhance your experience and ensure your vehicle remains secure. Always consult with a professional for installation and troubleshooting to maintain the integrity and functionality of the Ghost Immobiliser.

For more detailed technical support and to address specific issues, visit the official Autowatch support page, contact Car Keys Solutions’s Ghost Immobiliser technical assistance line or consult an approved installer.