BMW Keys: An Evolution of Access, Convenience, Technology & Security

BMW Car Keys: Origins

BMW has long been at the forefront of automotive innovation, and its approach to vehicle access has evolved significantly over the years. This evolution showcases technological advancements and highlights the importance of convenience and security. The story of BMW keys is transformed from simple blade keys to sophisticated keyless systems. It reminds us of the significance of having a spare and the challenges such evolution presents.

In this video, George Stoica, our founder, talks through the BMW car keys and BMW replacement keys through the years… from the late 1990s to 2019.

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In the early days of BMW, a familiar sight was the traditional remote key with a fixed metal blade that required physical insertion into the ignition. This ritual of ‘insert and turn’ was the gateway to the driving experience. However, always pushing the envelope, BMW progressed to the dash remote key. These sleeker, more advanced keys no longer required a physical turn in the lock cylinder, yet they maintained a key blade that could pop out if needed, offering reassurance of a manual override.

The Leap To Keyless Remotes

The leap forward came with the introduction of keyless remote keys, emblematic of luxury and convenience: simply having the key fob within proximity was enough to unlock and start the car. This proximity-based technology epitomises the modern driving experience with a start/stop button, creating an effortless interaction between the driver and vehicle. But the story of BMW Keys is not just about technological innovations but also practicality. The realisation struck that one key is a risk, as loss or damage could leave you stranded. This scenario underlines the power and peace of mind of having a spare key. At Car Keys Solutions London Auto Locksmiths, we understand this necessity and specialise in providing BMW keys for any BMW model up to the present day (including BMW 3 series key & BMW 5 series key), ensuring that you always have access to your vehicle.

Some BMW keys come with a rechargeable battery (accumulator), which gets its charge while the key is in use. It’s a clever design for longevity, but also means that the entire key fob may need to be replaced when the battery finally gives out. This is where our expertise at Car Keys Solutions becomes invaluable, as we can provide suitable and efficient car key replacements. However, technological advancements in key systems have also presented challenges.

BMW Car Key Theft

Certain high-tech BMW keys have been targets for thieves using relay attacks to exploit keyless entry systems. BMW has continuously worked to enhance the security of its vehicles by improving encryption and signal-blocking features to counteract these vulnerabilities. Finally, let’s address maintenance. BMW keys are generally low-maintenance, but their rechargeable battery highlights the importance of regular use and upkeep. If a BMW key stops functioning, professional assistance from a specialist like Car Keys Solutions is crucial to ensure you can access your BMW.


In conclusion, the journey of the BMW key is marked by remarkable strides in convenience and security. Car Keys Solutions remains at your side, offering expertise in BMW’s key technology, from the earliest models to the latest innovations. Whether providing a crucial spare key or replacing a non-serviceable battery unit, we empower BMW owners to continue their journey confidently. Remember, your BMW deserves as much care in its keys as in its performance, and we’re here to guarantee that as London’s leading BMW locksmith.

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