Mercedes Steering Column Lock Fault – How We Fix It

Mercedes Steering Column Lock Fault – How We Fix It

This article was published on: January 31st, 2020


  • You need to turn key in the ignition several times before lights turn on dashboard
  • Key turns in ignition but no dashboard lights
  • Steering is locked on with key in ignition
  • Steering lock is OFF with no key in ignition
  • After having a flat battery or jump starting the car one of the above is happening resulting in NOT BEING ABLE TO START THE ENGINE

The actual problem is the STEERING COLUMN LOCK MODULE.

We stock Mercedes steering column lock units (ESL) and Mercedes remote keys in the new style chrome finish, provided with a same day service.

Here at Car Keys Solutions we have developed a procedure that enables us to replace and program your faulty steering lock using state-of-the-art programming equipment on the spot. The programming procedure at a main dealer will take several days due to the ‘green key’ or ‘workshop key’ (which contains unique programming software for the vehicle) needing to be ordered the from factory. Our Mercedes specialist equipment allows us to bypass this and carry out Mercedes ESL programming on the same day in a process which takes up to two hours. We’re also able to come to you and your vehicle if required.

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